CoolKote™ & Polycarbonate Solutions
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CoolKote™ & Polycarbonate Solutions

Your conservatory is a very effective heat trap…

The same could be said of rooflights in factories. As the sun blazes down on the roof, the temperature goes through it! In recent summers mid-afternoon heat can be unbearable for you, your family or staff and even your plants!

No effective answer to the stifling heat build-up…

Until now, there was no effective solution to this problem. Roller and pleated roof blinds provide shade, but can attract dust and insects, and are difficult to clean, whilst the heat still penetrates the fabric, which then filters through to the interior.

CoolKote… How it works

CoolKote™ is a high-performance metalized PVC coating, which when applied to polycarbonate or glass roofs prevents heat building up simply by reflecting the suns heat away before it can be transmitted inside. Glare is also significantly reduced, enabling reading, watching TV, working- or just relaxing!

CoolKote… solves problems

You will benefit from an immediate reduction in internal daytime temperatures and less glare, whilst an ultra-violet barrier helps prevent fading and sun damage to furnishings. CoolKote™ is inexpensive, effective and is applied quickly, cleanly and with the minimum of disruption to your existing polycarbonate or glass roof by members of a national network of highly trained professional installers.

CoolKote™ – reduces heat build-up in
conservatories and industrial premises…

  • For use on polycarbonate
  • Ultra-violet barrier- helps prevent fading and sun damage to furnishings
  • Reduces glare- to add even more comfort
  • Unique high-performance metalized PVC coating for roofs and rooflights
  • Less expensive and more effective than blinds
  • Clean and quick installation with a minimum of disruption and no maintenance
  • Up to 5 years warranty

CoolKote™ Solarlux Reflective Paint

CoolKote™ Solarlux Reflective Paint is an ideal system for reducing heat build up, solar gain, glare and UV Light penetration. Reflects 85% solar heat and 90% UV light with 10 year Life Expectancy .

A new durable solvent-based flexible resin system specially formulated to provide a cost effective solution in industrial and commercial working environments. It provides a durable and flexible coating to polycarbonate, GRP, corrugated and domed roof light. Also glass, cladding, bitumen sheeting, fibre sheeting, asphalt, block work, fibre glass etc.

A white matte translucent external paint designed to reduce excessive heat and glare.  Ideal for those tricky roof areas where solar film may not be suitable, for example, corrugated industrial roofs and domed roof lights typically found in hospitals and schools. Please note that Coolkote Solarlux Reflective Paint is not suitable for Conservatory polycarbonate panels. For further clarification please contact us.