Glastop Window Film
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Glastop Window Film

Glastop makes cracked glass safe – instantly!

An essential addition to any toolkit. Glastop Emergency repair film provides an instant temporary repair which can be easily and effectively carried out in only a few minutes, with the minimum of disruption. No special training or tools are required.

Glastop is particularly effective as a temporary repair of sealed units which may take weeks to manufacture and replace. Glastop is a high quality clear heavy duty polyester film with a specially formulated powerful adhesive system. Its quick-release paper backing sheet has a grid-pattern for ease of measuring and cutting.

  • Easy to apply – no special tools or training required
  • Grid-lined backing sheet for easy cutting
  • Holds glass in position until replaced
  • Eliminates costly board-up charges
  • Clear- no loss of natural light
  • Handy 1m x 15m roll, supplied with red ‘Danger’ stickers to alert passers-by

Buy today and you could save £££’s in emergency board-up costs in the future!

WARNING: Glastop is intended as a temporary solution and not a permanent repair. Cracked and broken glass is dangerous! Take care when using this product.