Fighting Strokes…


 A cause that has become close to our hearts, here at Bonwyke, is that of the charity “Fighting Strokes”. 18 months ago Nik’s wife, Sue Sandars, suffered a stroke and has since carried out an amazing recovery, inspiring so many others to help with this charity.


Sue’s friend, Kate Allatt, set up the charity following her own experience of ‘locked in syndrome’ after suffering a stroke. Her story is one of the most inspiring we’ve come across. Nik and Sue’s enthusiasm for this cause has been central to their present day lives and shown us all the great benefits of positive thinking.

Nik comments “Young & Locked in Syndrome is a fully registered charity set up specifically to help improve all stroke recovery, especially brainstem stroke with Locked in syndrome, and young strokes. We appreciate that all strokes are different, but our experiences have already helped others. But did you know that only 5% of Stroke care budget is spent after leaving the patient has left hospital? Did you also know that stroke is currently the third biggest killer, behind Cancer & heart disease? Did you know that the recent NHS cuts have hit stroke care massively”.

The charity’s aims are to lobby for stroke care policy changes (nationally) working with other charities. To educate and promote stroke RECOVERY awareness by collaborating with other stroke charities. They provide practical advice, based on Kate and Sue’s experiences and the experience of others – support, advice, personal visits.

As a company we very much believe in what Kate and Sue are trying to achieve and wish them all the very best of luck with their attempts to help others. Keep up to date with their progress by following them on Twitter – @fightingstrokes and YouTube – ‘Runmadkate’.

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