Plan Ahead for the Olympics

The 5 P’s…

There is a saying within the military that goes ‘Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance’ and this is something that all businesses should be thinking about, before the 2012 London Olympics and Para-Olympics arrive in July.

These will be the biggest events staged in this country and estimates vary as to how our road and transport networks will be affected. This isn’t just a problem for the London area, as many venues lie outside of the capital and spectators will be travelling from all over the country, putting added pressure on our already crowded network.

What we’re doing…

We, at Bonwyke, have already taken steps to increase our stock levels of film from our suppliers, Hanita and Llumar, so that we have early stocks available. Shipping agents and airlines have been warning since Christmas that imports will be delayed the closer we get to the games.

Our main courier supplier, City Link, have issued warnings to expect problems with timed and next day deliveries, which will be beyond their control due to traffic jams and higher than normal delivery expectations.

We urge our customers to look at their normal stock level requirements for mid to late summer and look at taking some stock earlier than normal. If there are planned works coming up for these months then, again, we ask that dealers look to be a little more procative than normal in their purchasing needs.

These games will be such a great success for this country but , as with all successful things, Planning and Preparation is where it all starts!

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