Energy efficiency with window film


Reducing emissions and costs….

With a much larger emphasis now being placed on reducing solar heat gain and lowering the U-Value for buildings, upgrading the energy performance and enhancing a building’s long-term sustainability is a must. Hanita Coatings has developed a turnkey solution to upgrading commercial glazing – the SolarZone ee Program.

With proven heat-rejection properties, Hanita’s Solar Control Window Films from Bonwyke can help reduce energy consumption for cooling by up to 30%, by keeping interior temperatures more stable with less hot spots. This reduces the need for  excessive Air Conditioning while moderating peak usage and allowing cooling systems to operate more efficiently. Less costly than installing new windows and more efficient than low-e coatings at rejecting solar heat gain, Hanita window films transform standard glass into high performance windows.

Nano coatings….

New Nano Energy Efficiency Window Films can be virtually colourless, so not affecting the look of the building or the levels of natural light. They are one of the top energy saving solutions available for buildings and can be installed quickly and professionally, allowing energy saving goals to be realised.

When considering film options, our Energy Efficiency Programme examines multiple factors and performance specifications. Bespoke reports generated using this programme help quantify energy savings, comfort enhancements and Carbon Emission reductions. Bonwyke can estimate long term energy savings and with typical proven payback periods of between one and three years for the filminstallation, film is the No1 choice for remedial works.

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