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P&O Ventura
P&O Ventura

Cooling things down on the Ventura….

A team of two lucky Bonwyke installers are just back from a 5 day cruise to Barcelona, on board P&O’s luxury Ventura cruise ship. As with most things in life it isn’t quite what it seems and the two guys had to work their passage by installing Hanita’s latest spectrally selective window coating, E-Lite 70.

P&O, now owned by Carnival Disney, instructed Northern Ireland based Mivan Ltd to look into ideas to reduce energy usage on their cruise ship fleet. As part of that review Bonwyke, partnering with HanitaUK, sampled two of their spectrally selctive films as part of their Energy Efficiency program. In this case the films are designed to reduce the solar gain entering the topdeck restaurant area on both the port and starboard sides, in order to reduce the loads on the Air Conditioning systems.

Right hand pane with E-Lite 70 compared to no film on left hand pane

Product selection

The E-Lite 70 film selected is virtually undetectable on the windows yet provides up to 52% solar heat rejection, 25% glare reduction and 99% UV protection, all important factors in making this restaurant environment more comfortable for P&O’s passengers.

As with most energy needs onboard the costs come directly from burning fuel, so any reduction in energy usage not only saves money but helps to reduce Carbon Emissions. The cruise market prides itself on being amongst the leaders in delivering a ‘greener’ solution for holiday makers, dramatically reducing the need for air travel in vast numbers.

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