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Hanita Coatings have long been known as world leaders in the manufacture of external grade window film products. HanitaUK, Hanita Coatings new UK based partnership with Bonwyke, now has access to the very latest long warranty products.

Titan 20 XTRAHanitaUK are still selling the first generation external solar films alongside the already introduced XTRA range, second generation films. These have up to 7 year warranties available (vertical elevation) for the silvers and up to 5 years on the Titan Dual Reflective range. These films range from 07% vlt through to 50%vlt as a standard stock product. Using a different base construction for the XTRA range, the product feels softer and more pliable over that of the typical external films available. This gives it far more resistance to the tear factor around small particles of dirt or grit that are inevitably found when installing film externally.

Brand new for the UK is Hanita’s XTRM Silver film. This now carries an industry ground breaking 12 year warranty for vertical installations, with Hanita looking to improve this further to 15 years in the near future. Again, the construction is completely unique, using new raw materials and makes it an ideal product for application where access issues are difficult and expensive. If one application can be carried out and last for 12 years or more, the long term costs are reduced to the end user in not having to replace the installation so often.

Hanita’s Skylite range for external application to slanted rooflight systems is also now available with up to a 10 year warranty and there is even OptiLite 75 which is a spectrally selective film designed to be installed externally and compliment the E Lite 70 internal version. This too is an industry ground breaking product and completes the extensive range now available to dealers in the UK.

Hanita haven’t forgotten the security film sector for external application either. Available in the XTRA range is a clear 100micron and a 175micron certified safety film. Both these films have a 5 year warranty on vertical application and are designed to compliment the internal versions of Hanita’s excellent high clarity internal safety film range.

All of Hanita’s external films need to be edge sealed, with the exception of the ceramic based OptiLite 75, and full training is available at Bonwyke’s distribution centre for the correct installation procedures to be used.

For further technical and sales information please give us a call on 01329 289621 or contact us via sales@bonwyke.co.uk.

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