Hate The Sound of Breaking Glass?…..


Typical overhead glazing location
Vulnerable overhead glazed areas at Poole Grammar School before the application of HanitaUK’s ASF..


Overhead glazing failures….

The occurence of overhead glazing breakages is becoming more prevalent and the risk to public safety remains high, with many glazed roof areas being found in shopping malls, public buildings and offices.The risk comes from toughened safety glass, which is the most common glazing found in glazed roof or structurally glazed areas, suffering a break failure due to Nickel Sulphide Inclusion.

This is a process whereby the individual toughened glass panes are heated and then allowed to cool for a specific period of time to ensure that any nickel sulphide inclusions (NIS) within the glass can expand and cause the glass to break. Heat soak testing significantly reduces the risk of toughened glass failure from nickel sulphide inclusions when the glass is in service. The generally accepted view is that the risk is reduced by approximately 90%, so there is still a residual risk of toughened glass failure from NIS inclusions.

The toughened glass process aligns the molecules into a much more rigid form, increasing its strength and ability to withstand an impact. This type of glass is tested to BS 6202 Clas A or EN12600 1b1 standard, allowing it to ‘break safe’. Toughened glass fragments into many small particles, typically 10-12mm in diameter, and as such it is considered to be as a safety glass. In terms of risk, there is still a 10% residual risk that a glass panel may fail due to a nickel sulphide inclusion.

Affordable solution….

Roof glass with HanitaUK's clear ASF applied.
Roof glass with HanitaUK’s clear ASF applied in combiation with DC995 structural silicone

HanitaUK’s specialist safety films are a good way of combatting the problem. Their 175micron clear Anti Shatter Film (ASF) is a retro installed solution which, in combiination with a suitable ‘edge retention’ system will hold any broken pieces in stiu, until the panel can be replaced. This eliminates the risk of glass falling and causing injury.

Another reason why overhead glazing should be filmed is that unfortunately, there is no time limit from the date of toughening to when a glass pane could fail due to a NIS inclusion.

For more detailed information on how Bonwyke Ltd can assist you in making overhead glazing safer, please call us on 01329 289621 or email us at sales@bonwyke.co.uk

New Film Price List….

20131025_123608 Moving forward for 2014…

Higher prices seem to be inevitable these days, with increased costs of raw materials and shipping but Bonwyke Ltd is determined to continue bringing you the best service and the best products, all at the same competitive prices. Our commitment to you, the dealer, remains the foremost important thing to us and so despite these increases we are holding over 90% our standard prices to be the same as this year’s.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and we continue to source some of the best films available. We’ve increased our alliance with Hanita Coatings in forming a dedicated brand under the name of HanitaUK. This partnership has allowed us to hold a greater volume and variance of stock. We now have access to Hanita’s incredible Energy Efficiency program, allowing end users to save energy by applying the latest Nano manufactured solar products to reduce air-conditioning costs, energy and carbon usage.

We have added new lines; such as the NEW XTRM S20 with up to 15 year warranty and the NEW 8mil Elite 70 combined spectrally selective safety/security film. Ideal for urban energy projects where blast protection is also needed.

LLumar Automotive Film…

Our extensive range of branded automotive films from LLumar, include their AT and ATC ranges as well as the high performance ATR and Nano ceramic LATI lifetime warranty films. Joining the offering from this year is LLumar’s own Paint Protection Film, supplied as film rolls or in a pre-cut kit version, covering over 3,500 model types.

20131025_123655We continue to source many individual film types for the niche market. Films such as Glastop emergency glass repair film, Tempscreen removable privacy film, Mirror safety backing, Coolkote™ films for Polycarbonate and Coolkote™ Solarlux paint.

Our new price list, for 2013/14, is now available to download from our dealer page on this website. The new price list now contains all of our Architectural films and vinyls as well as our LLumar branded automotive ones, all in the one format.  Our extensive range of installation tools are also enclosed in the list with a separate downloadable picture catalogue describing each tool.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to support us, in purchasing our great products throughout this year and all of us here at Bonwyke wish you every success over the next twelve months.


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