Top 10 Questions We Get Asked About Window Film.




  1. Will window film make the glass crack? Only if the type of glass you have is incorrectly matched with the window film. There are different types of glass, toughened (heat treated), laminated & float are just a few. Matching the correct window film to the glass type is important. Bonwyke can help you carry this out.
  2. Why does the glass get hot now I have film applied? Because the film both absorbs heat and reflects it back through glass this has the effect of heating the glass up and is a sign that the film is working.
  3. Can I have a one way security film that will let me see out but nobody can see in? Yes, however there is a but. One way security film works on light differential. The light on one side of the film needs to be darker than the other. A person on the lighter side will see a mirror, the person on the darker side can see through. The difference needs to be greater than 20% for the one way effect to work.
  4. Do we sell an acoustic inhibiting window film? No, the films are not designed to reduce sound, so alternative glass would need to be fitted. 6.4 laminate, or triple glazed units give good insulation from sound.
  5. Can a film be added to the external face of shopfront glazing to reduce glare coming back off the glass, thus allowing better vision into the shop/office? No, any film added to the external face will only make the glass more reflective, and will not achieve the desired effect. The glass would need something to light going onto the glass, such as a canopy.
  6. Can glare be reduced in a car showroom, without the external vision into the showroom, being compromised? Yes, providing the glass is 2400 high or over, a lighter film can be fitted to the lower section (possibly internally) followed by an external dark sun strip running above 2000 FFL. The sun strip would then act as a low sun shield, without blocking vision into the show room.
  7. Can the same tools used for fitting vinyl and graphics be used for fitting window film? Some can, but really only the glass preparation tools. For the application of film to glass, there are specialist tools designed by window film applicators that allow more purchase when fitting the window film. The vinyl application pads and cards are not suitable for window film applications, as they are smaller, and do not allow enough pressure to be put onto the film.
  8. Can I have a light film to cut out the glare?  Like sunglasses the darker the film the better the glare reduction.
  9. What are the standards that Safety Film should conform to? All good quality Safety Film should conform to BS EN12600. There are a number of aspects to this standard depending on the film or glass type. Speak to us and our technical team if you would like to know more.
  10. How long does window film take to cure? Film can cure as quickly as 48 hours. However, complete curing will take up to 4 weeks if it’s a thicker film and in cool conditions.

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Technical Helpdesk Arrives!!


To assist all of our dealers and customers we, here at Bonwyke and Hanita UK, have set up a technical help desk to make sure these needs are met.

Part of the Hanita’s unique offering in the window film industry is the high level of R&D work associated with their offerings. This is very much part of the DNA for the company and has become an integral part of their development process.

This level of R&D has resulted in the construction of many excellent external grade films, such as the unique XTRM series, and has put Hanita as a World leader in the development of external grade products. Hanita’s dedicated work on energy reduction, utilising window film to reduce Air Conditioning usage and costs, involves complicated software calculations to show Return on Investments and suitability for glass compatibility.

The window film industry has advanced its products to be more in line with modern building regulations and practices and that means a much more technical approach needs to be taken with clients and Architects.

If you have any technical questions or calculations you need resolved then just email your particular question to and we will answer it for you.


Potential Take Over of Hanita Coatings Inc

Hanita UK logo

As a valued customer, we’d like to update you on a recent potential strategic change in Hanita’s ownership. We have been distributing Hanita’s window film for over 15 years and very much enjoyed the process of working with them. Hanita has been approached by a strategic buyer, which has reached an agreement about the general terms of acquiring Hanita with the current owners, though the deal is not final as of yet. As you might know any acquisition is a long process and there is currently a due diligence process being carried out, by the potential buyer and nothing will be finalized until the end of the year.

The potential buyer is a US based $6 Billion company and has made a strategic decision to enter new business areas like window film and are committed to build on the existing corner stone of the current Hanita Coatings’ channels to further grow and develop their own business. This company has a very solid financial standing and their intent is to add resources into existing channels in order to increase the market support and execution.

In discussions with the potential buyer, they have made it clear to Hanita, that they recognize the uniqueness Hanita hold in the market and wish to continue supporting the innovative trend.

We see this potential move as a positive strategic one, that will only bring new opportunities for us and you, our valued dealer. All film processes are to remain in place and the supply of Hanita’s product will not be interrupted, so be assured that all products remain available from us.


We’re backing UK PLC


We’re all a couple of months past the Brexit vote and although the leaving process and activation dates are yet to be set we have seen some negative effects, especially the weakening of Sterling.

Many will say that Sterling was over valued prior to the vote and has now found its right level against other major currencies but there is no doubt that anyone importing goods from abroad is now paying about 12% more for their product than they were before the vote. All window films and vinyls are imported into the UK, whether as a raw material or as a finished item and it will not have passed your notice how trade suppliers have been putting their prices up accordingly.

We have been distributing window film for over 35 years and haven’t become the UK’s largest independent distributor of window film by following what everyone else does. Now the decision has been made to leave the EU, we at Bonwyke firmly believe in the UK’s ability to become a successful trading entity on the World stage and much of that belief is founded upon us helping our customers to carry on successfully trading. Many of the corporate film suppliers have taken the short term view in putting their prices up but our belief is that we are here for the long term and that things will recover to the benefit of all.

After extensive negotiations with our branded suppliers, our promise to you, our customer, is not to increase our prices over this uncertain period and we will absorb what we see as a temporary issue with the exchange rate and make sure that all of our customers can continue to trade at the same cost level as before the Brexit vote.

Chris George – Managing Director – Bonwyke Ltd


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