Bespoke Designs on Any Surface

Digitally printed wallpaper is versatile, stunning, easy to maintain and flexible in terms of its durability. We love installing digital printed wallpaper for our clients, no matter where they are situated, and what’s even better is, there are no constraints on what you can have printed!

Whether you are looking to spruce up the reception and welcome area of your business, add to a positive vibe in the office or warehouse for your staff to be stimulated, or want to promote your brand in a certain way in a temporary or permanent fitting, digitally printed wallpapers offer you a blank canvas from which to begin your journey.

Bonwyke has an understanding of what our customers require, and after detailed conversation we can either design based on your recommendation, or print wallpapers from any digital image or design you already have, including photographs, maps, corporate branding, patterns and abstract designs of many kinds. We can design, supply and install digitally printed wallpaper to suit your needs exactly.

No matter whether you wish to have a design for the size of a small window, or for multiple walls on multiple floors of an office block, Bonwyke can satisfy your demands. We can work within existing premises, or alongside architects and designers on new build and refurbishment projects. Depending on the size of the project we typically work to short lead in times of 2-3 days.

If you’d like to find out how we can take a design of your own, or create something bespoke for you, and place it in your workplace to make a real difference to the aesthetic, give our team a call today. Bonwyke understands how to make a difference with creative designs for digitally printed wallpapers.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Energy Saving Window Film

Energy saving window film is a reality that can be installed at business premises, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and put together a brighter, environmental future for your company.

Window film that has been designed for energy saving can be applied to existing windows, turning them into energy efficient glazing. Window film rejects harmful UV rays, lowers temperatures to a stable level inside the office, allowing you to lower usage of air conditioning in the hot summer months.

When you are less reliant on heating and cooling systems in the workplace your utility bills will lower considerably, but you’ll also witness a reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint created by your business premises. As all businesses are keen to reduce their carbon footprint in these times of global warming and increased awareness of environmental issues, a simple installation of energy saving window film can make a huge difference to your approach.

Bonwyke can install energy saving window film on a number of surfaces and window types, for all sorts of companies and industry sectors. We can help you should you be looking for immediate carbon savings and an instant impact, or if you wish to preserve the architectural integrity of your building during installation.

If you’d like to find out more about our energy saving window film and how we can install it at your business premises and help you reduce your carbon footprint in the process, contact our friendly customer service team today. We look forward to helping you move towards a greener future.

Fire Precautions in Frosted Glass Work

For any project there are always other requirements to take into consideration, not only the aesthetic and durability properties of the window film, digital wallpaper or other type of product that we produce and install. One of the major factors to be considered when installing within a business premises is the fire safety procedure for that specific building, as well as general fire safety legislation that has to be adhered to.

Case Study of a Fire Safety Sensitive Project

Recently we completed a project for Modus, who were working for Regus Gerrards Cross (see image above). For us this was a simple manifestation job, but it is the perfect illustration of how we can work effectively within fire safety regulations.

As you can see in the photo the frosted manifestation does not entirely cover the glass, instead leaving clear glass in certain sections. In terms of fire safety this is to allow for clear visual access to all rooms during an evacuation. During a fire drill or genuine evacuation of a building, the clear glass allows those with the responsibility to quickly look into each room to check for people still in the building, take head counts and help those who require assistance in a fast and safe timeframe.

Our installation teams at Bonwyke have vast experience in installing to bespoke specifications and designs, but always within the framework of security and safety for the premises where installation is taking place. As with our example, we produce work to the highest quality, with fire safety and other regulations in mind, working collaboratively with the client and other relevant sources to ensure everything is 100% correct.

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Latest News from Bonwyke

It’s been a busy Christmas and New Year period at Bonwyke and we’d like to keep you informed of the latest goings-on.

Christmas Donation to Rowans Hospice

As a company we made the decision this latest Christmas to make a donation to a local specialist palliative care unit. Instead of sending Christmas cards we put that money aside to donate to Rowans Hospice, a unit that provides excellent care and does sterling work in Cosham.

Revamp of Bonwyke Production Area

 We are always looking to improve our production area and over the Christmas period our design and installation teams were busy to spruce up one area of production. They tested the capability of our equipment to ensure we hit 2017 at full speed, full of health. As a peaceful addition to this otherwise hectic area of the business, we have also added a giant aquarium to offer a place of calm and serenity.

Oracle Signage for Tetris Bluu

As part of an extensive refurbishment for the Oracle offices in London, we worked alongside Tetris Bluu to manufacture and install intricate bespoke signage. Requirements for a number of rooms represented an interesting challenge, with the size and fragility of the design necessitating careful consideration as to how the structure was produced, transported to the site and then assembled to the tight specifications the design required.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer, contact us today and our friendly customer service team will be happy to advise.


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