Anti-Fog Window Film

Whether at home or in a workplace the problem of windows and glass surfaces fogging up due to temperatures and the steaming up effect. Our anti-fog window film systems have been specifically designed to help in these situations, for application in a variety of circumstances.

We have two types of anti-fog window film, depending on your situation:

Hydrophilic – This window film absorbs any water that comes into contact with the surface. This way a clarity of vision remains through the surface. It is typically used on the inside of glass fronted freezer units in supermarkets.

Hydrophobic – This type of window film rejects the water that comes into contact with it, running down the surface. It is typically used for bathroom mirrors.

There are a number of circumstances where you may require anti-fog window film, making a big difference to your life, whether at home or in a commercial setting. They can be used on café windows, florists and hairdressers, refrigeration units, mirrors, display cases, shower cubicles, train and bus windows, the list is endless.

Put a stop to the fog with Anti-Fog window film from Bonwyke. Whether you’re tired of having to smudge the bathroom mirror after a hot shower in order to see your beautiful face, or you’re a café owner with a window that steams up and prevents the outside world from seeing the delicious food you have on offer, our window film could be just the solution you’ve been looking for!

Contact our customer service team today and we’ll be happy to assist with your specific requirements.

Coolkote Paint and Film

We believe in the quality of the window film that we provide and install for our clients, but sometimes there is a need for something a little different than conventional window film. Our flexible approach to our service led us to provide a product range of window film and paint designed specifically for polycarbonate or plastic roofing; those surfaces that can see a fast build-up of heat from natural sunlight.

When conventional window film is used on these types of surfaces they end up suffering from bubbles appearing because of heat and the ‘off gases’ from plastic. Coolkote has been specifically designed to be porous, allowing these gases to pass through easily, thus preventing the appearance of bubbles.

Coolkote paint offers a solution for industrial locations where a clear plastic roof has been installed to allow light into the working area, preventing heat from building quickly in the area by reflecting light.

Coolkote has been designed to reduce unwanted heat and glare from glass surfaces but also to remove over 99% of harmful UV rays. In hot working environments the last thing you want is extra heat just to gain some natural light. This product allows you to gain the light, whilst reducing temperatures and glare, as well as preventing sun damage and fading on furniture and documents.

Sometimes you might not realise that you need a different approach, with a simple paint or window film making a real difference to your place of work. Contact our expert customer service team today and we’ll be able to assist you with Coolkote paint and film. We look forward to assisting you.

Global Coverage with Bonwyke

Within the UK Bonwyke has built up a reputation has a brand you can trust. We’ve worked with some big and varied companies right across the country, putting together graphics and window film for a variety of uses, both big and small, but we’re not just limited to these shores.

Over the years we have worked with a number of companies located across the globe, on contracts that involve the tinting of luxury yachts in Saint Tropez, or down to Nigeria where we were involved in branding banks. As you know, our design team can work for application on a multitude of surfaces and branding choices, so you’ll always have flexibility when working with Bonwyke.

What this means is that if you are involved in a project, it doesn’t matter where you are located, if you trust the Bonwkye design brand we are here to help. Our dedicated staff will be at hand from start to finish, offering their design nous and application knowledge to ensure your project runs smoothly and has the intended effect.

If you are interested in the services that Bonwyke has to offer, from a wide range of high quality graphics to window film, we have the team in place to design the perfect product for your needs. No matter where you are in the world you can benefit from our experience. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to assist.

Update Your Window Security Systems with Bonwyke

The security system in place at your place of work is always an important part of any business plan; you have to be able to protect your assets for those periods of time where there is no one present. For many this takes the form of alarm systems and CCTV operations, but you can add another layer to help with window protection and blast defence systems.

Bonwyke has a range of products that have been designed by our experts to provide maximum protection from those situations where an intruder may be trying to enter the premises unlawfully, or to protect from a blast of some sort. The multi-lamented window film is anchored to the window frame and acts as a protective shield.

What this does is ensure that your staff are protected from any flying glass should they be present at the time of the window being attacked, but it also works in a way to keep the glass together for longer, rather than shattering, helping to prevent entry through the window pane itself.

It is a relatively straightforward process to install, and can be used effectively across the whole length of a frame, no matter the size. We can build to fit in with the colour of the existing frame so that the aesthetic of your workplace is left as is. On top of that we can supply for the original manufacturing process or to be added to an existing window structure, allowing for flexibility no matter your situation.

If you are interests in bolstering the security of your workplace with a flexible and sturdy window security system, contact Bonwyke today. We understand how important it is to secure your business premises and with a blast defence system built into your window protection you are adding another layer of protection to ward off against burglary. We look forward to assisting you.

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