Wood Finish Vinyl for Your Restoration Needs

For restoration projects a wood finish vinyl provides a stylish, elegant and clean finish to the surfaces you are looking to liven up. Refurbishment of furniture and properties can be a complex and often costly business to undertake, but with creative textured vinyl you can be as creative as you like and come away with a stunning aesthetic.

If you are restoring old, tired looking furniture or surfaces in your property, whether it is a residential or commercial venture, having the ability to apply vinyl that looks exactly like wood is a great option. There is a range of effects available through textured vinyl, with a solid wood finish providing an incredible stylish feel to any property. The wood finish is seamless and convincing to the eye, a visual stimulus that pleases those who see it.

They are highly durable and will last for a long period of time, with the application process much simpler and faster than that of a traditional restoration project where real wood is used to replace the existing surfaces. This helps the project to save time and money, and due to the 10-year guarantee against scaling, cracking and yellowing you can have peace of mind that your wood finish vinyl will be around for the long haul.

Cover Styl textured surface vinyl is perfect for restoring hotels, bars, restaurants and other commercial ventures to help you create a new aesthetic that fits in with your branding ideals.

Bonwyke Ltd offer a bespoke service in relation to wood finish vinyl and other types of vinyl covering for restoration projects. Our experienced team are at hand to offer advice, supply and install the full Cover Styl range throughout the UK. Give us a call today to see how we can help with your restoration needs.

Vinyl Coverings for Refurbishment Projects

Refurbishing walls, table surfaces, chairs and other furnishings can be costly and complex to install. Sure you can end up with an elegant finish to your furniture but there is now another way.

Textured vinyl coverings are perfect as a flexible and cost effective option for refurbishment projects. If you are restoring an old piece of furniture whether a comfortable chair or a dining set, table top surfaces or entire rooms, having a selection of easy to install wall vinyl of varying designs, styles and textures provides you with an easier chance to succeed at your project.

Bonwyke works with the full Cover Styl range of vinyl coverings for refurbishment projects. If you want to create a stunning wood effect, leather, stone, marble to even glitter and the use of solid, vibrant colours, we can supply and apply it all to create an unbeatable realism to your refurbishment project.

The vinyl is flexible and durable, and can be applied to a variety of surfaces with ease. If you wish to cover a door, frames, whole walls, alcoves, cabinets, tables, chairs and even glass, our team can visit your site and apply the textured vinyl to the surface of your choice. The finish is seamless and realistic and will finish the refurbishment off as the icing on the cake.

If you are working on a refurbishment project for a commercial venture the downtime and disruption is often one of the biggest problems you will face. Textured vinyl coverings from Cover Styl are perfect in these environments as they are applied in a much faster turnaround time than traditional replacement methods and as the materials used are durable and long-lasting they are a perfect choice for those retail areas, such as retail, hospitality and hotels, where refurbishment costs and timescales for projects are time critical.

Bonwyke Ltd offers a tailored service to your needs. Our experienced team are on hand to offer advice, as well as specialist supply and installation for the full Cover Styl range, with nationwide coverage.

Textured Wall Vinyl for Hotels

The hotel industry is a competitive one with owners of hotels putting forward a wide array of ideas and practices to ensure they win out over competitors. One way to keep customers happy, loyal and more likely to recommend a stay at your hotel is to maintain an ultra-clean, well-decorated and pleasant environment for a visitor’s stay. If you are looking to redecorate or refurbish your hotel and require a solid and consistent theme, with a fast and cost effective project turnaround, textured wall vinyl is the perfect choice for you.

Create a Memorable Experience – With a wide range of textured wall coverings available through the Cover Styl range you can create a truly memorable experience for your guests. Stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression in both the communal areas and the private rooms.

Reinforce Your Brand Ideals – If you are looking for wall coverings that speak for your brand, you can apply them to different areas of the hotel to help you reinforce those ideas. It might pay to have calming textures in the bedrooms to help guests relax and sleep soundly, with striking wall coverings in the bar area to help create a lively atmosphere.

Cost Effective Refurbishment – The range of textured wall vinyl that we can provide for hotels offer a cost effective solution should you be looking to refurbish. The ease with which they can be applied to any surface ensures a smooth and low-cost turnaround time, and their durability and flexibility ensure that they are long lasting and easy to maintain.

The Cover Styl range of textured wall vinyl is perfect no matter what type of finish you desire in your hotel. If you are looking for a seamless wood effect, stone or marble, leather, or even glitter, there is the vinyl wall covering to suit your needs. The finish is visually pleasing, easy to install, cost effective and durable for long-lasting application.

Bonwyke Ltd offers a fully tailored service to hotels, offering expert advice and specialist delivery and installation of the full Cover Styl range of textured wall vinyl. For any hotel refurbishment project we’ve got you covered, no matter your UK location.

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