Installing Solar Window Film At Your Commercial Property

Owning a business brings with it a number of pressures that have to be dealt with on a daily basis. Modern companies have the added pressure of being looked at to be more environmentally aware than ever before, looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and change the culture of working practice within an office environment.

One thing that you can do as a business owner that immediately reduces your carbon footprint and lowers energy costs is to install solar window film on every exterior window within your work premises. Not only that, solar window film can have a positive impact on your employees in terms of increasing effectiveness of processes and productivity levels.

Boost Your Reputation – The more proactive you can be in reducing your carbon footprint and making your suppliers and clients aware of your actions, the greater an impact it can have on your reputation. Those companies that can inspire others to be environmentally aware can see a boost in revenues over a longer period.

Reduce Impact of UV Rays – Harmful UV rays pour through your windows as natural sunlight hits the pane. Solar window film helps to block these rays, helping you to protect your employees from the associated long-term health complications.

Reduce Fading of Furnishings – Natural sunlight can also have the effect of speeding up wear and tear of your fittings and fixtures. Solar window film will help to slow this process down, especially important for those types of businesses that have important items and artefacts on show, such as galleries and museums.

Reduce Your Energy Bills – As you reduce the levels of natural sunlight entering your work premises you can have a much better control over the temperature of the rooms. This helps to reduce energy bills over time.

Reduce Work Disruption – If you can control the temperature and reduce the impact of bright natural sunlight you can help to minimise downtime for your workers through glare on computer screens and uncomfortably hot temperatures.

If you would like to install solar window film at your commercial premises contact Bonwyke today. Our team of customer service agents understand the benefits of solar window film and how it can have a massive positive impact on your business for years to come, improving processes, lowering costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Textured Wall Coverings for Bars and Restaurants

The hospitality sector is highly competitive with bars and restaurants always looking for new ways to beat the rival locations, entice new customers and keep loyal customers happy, and to do so without breaking the budget. A customer is much more likely to be happy and want to stay longer, spend money, return to visit you and recommend you to their friends and family if you have created a pleasant environment and aesthetic. A fresh, clean and warm bar or restaurant will work wonders in your customer retention plans and if you are looking to undertake a refurbishment project, or to open your own place, we have the perfect addition to your décor plans – textured wall vinyl from Cover Styl.

No matter what style of textured wall vinyl you are thinking of, Cover Styl has the options available, offering seamless finishes for stone or marble effect, a wood finish and a multitude of other choices.

The first thing that you need to consider is the impact a textured wall vinyl will have on your customers as they walk through the door. You can create a truly jaw dropping experience, something that your customers will remember for a long time and helping you to stand apart from your competitors.

You can also look to include your textured wall coverings as part of your branding, applying different types of finish to different areas of your bar or restaurant to create a different theme and evoke different emotions and feelings for customers at various parts of their journey with you.

In terms of cost effectiveness, textured wall vinyl can be an alternative to a full refurbishment project without lessening the end result. You can apply a wood effect finish that lasts for a long time, rather than have genuine timber, saving you money and still wowing your audience.

Bonwyke Ltd offers a bespoke service to bars and restaurants and others in the hospitality sector. Our experts understand how to deliver a full installation from the wide Cover Styl range. We believe in textured wall vinyl as a way of improving the décor and aesthetic of your bar or restaurant, providing you with the chance to refurbish and entice new customers, whilst keeping your current clientele content.

Securing Your Property with Window Vinyl

The security of your commercial premises is a massive undertaking and priority as a business owner. In order for your company to grow you have to be sure about the security of your assets and staff, with security window vinyl a simple application that could make a real difference to your business.

Adding window film to your business creates another layer of security and there are a number of reasons why.

Creates Shatterproof Glass – One way in which burglars enter the premises of a business they are attempting to steal from is to smash a window and climb through. Our window film acts to binds the pane of glass together should it be impacted and broken. What this does is slow down the attempted intrusion, and is more likely to scare off the potential burglars as they will not want the complication. It also ensures that any persons inside the premises is less likely to be hurt from flying shattered glass, as it has been bound together.

Acts as a Deterrent – Our window vinyl designed for security purposes is tinted in order to keep out prying eyes and to act as a deterrent to potential burglars walking past your commercial premises. If you have expensive equipment or documents that are on show within the office, our window film offers that extra bit of peace of mind as they are now harder to see from outside.

Block Out Harmful Rays – The third major benefit of our security vinyl is that once it is applied to the surface of the window it helps to reduce UV rays from natural sunlight. This is helpful in reducing work disruption from glare on computer screens and reducing the temperature in the room, whilst also reducing the impact of light on the fading of furniture and documents. Our window film also helps to reduce the impact of harmful UV rays on the health of your employees.

Bonwyke offers a range of window vinyl, including a range of window defence systems designed to add another layer of security to your current business security system. Added to alarms, CCTV and other security processes, our window film acts as another deterrent to criminals, binds together broken glass to prevent it from shattering and wards off prying eyes with a tinted surface.

If you would like to speak to the Bonwyke customer service team for more information about our window defence systems, please feel free to give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further. Our team has the experience and knowledge to make a real difference to your business security.

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