Enhance Privacy with Data Jammer

A Must-Have Solution for Building Contractors and Fit Out Companies

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, businesses must take more action to protect their sensitive data from unauthorised access. In today’s data security landscape, your clients need you to help them find new ways to safeguard confidential information within their workspaces. 

One innovative solution is to use Data Jammer on glass partitions within commercial buildings. This unique product provides maximum data security and an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective fit-out solution for commercial premises.

This article shows how you can help your clients enhance privacy with Data Jammer in your new fit-out and refurbishment projects to protect their sensitive information and maintain a secure work environment.

What is Data Jammer? 

Data Jammer is a unique product that helps protect premises from data breaches. The product creates a tinted barrier between the inside and outside of a room, preventing outsiders from seeing sensitive information displayed on a screen while retaining two-way vision through the glass. The film is applied across glazed partitions and can be installed with minimal training. 

Advantages of Data Jammer 

Data Jammer offers several advantages over other solutions on the market. 

  • A budget-friendly, cost-effective alternative to similar products
  • Applied as a band across glazed partitions, reducing installation costs while providing reassuring security against data breaches. 
  • The product’s low visual impact makes it an attractive option for architects, product specifiers, and interior designers in need of a solution that doesn’t detract from your client’s desired aesthetic

How Data Jammer works

Data Jammer provides unidirectional privacy, obscuring the view of screens from outside and preventing unauthorised access to confidential information.  Effectively the film creates a black screen for anyone looking in from outside a protected room.

Click here to see Data Jammer in action.

With the rise in open-plan and shared workspaces, this film option also helps businesses comply with GDPR and other privacy concerns wherever computer and TV screens are used and could be seen by unauthorised people. 

Employees can work freely and productively without worrying that the data on their screens is being seen by others, maintaining confidentiality and security. 

Data Jammer ultimately provides a simple but effective solution for safeguarding data privacy in workspaces.

Is Data Jammer expensive?

Data Jammer is a mid-price point solution to a common security problem that designers and contractors need to help their clients resolve. If you would like to learn more about this product’s likely cost for a client project, please call the office on 01329 222299. 

Installation training and support from Bonwyke

The product and application process differs from standard window films you may already be familiar with. As the effectiveness of Data Jammer depends on the proper installation of the product, we recommend all installers complete our comprehensive training programme. 

Bonwyke offers two levels of Data Jammer product training so you can choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Level A Remote Learning 

Our remote learning option gives you lifetime access to a training video showing the unique installation technique and some tips for ensuring a successful and effective application. You also receive a working sample to practise with. 

Video training includes direct telephone support to guide you. 

Level A best suits people with experience in installing general window films

Level B Training Day

Delivered at our HQ and training facility in Fareham, Hampshire, conveniently close to the M27 and other major routes. 

The one-day training package provides you with hands-on installation training plus additional training on successful sales techniques to help you maximise the benefit of adding Data Jammer to your service offering.

Level B best suits people with little or no experience installing window films. 

Both options include full remote technical support.

Contact the team today

Call Bonwyke on 01329 222299 for more information about specifying or purchasing Data Jammer or to book a training package. Alternatively click here to request a call back from one of the team. 

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