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It’s been a busy Christmas and New Year period at Bonwyke and we’d like to keep you informed of the latest goings-on.

Christmas Donation to Rowans Hospice

As a company we made the decision this latest Christmas to make a donation to a local specialist palliative care unit. Instead of sending Christmas cards we put that money aside to donate to Rowans Hospice, a unit that provides excellent care and does sterling work in Cosham.

Revamp of Bonwyke Production Area

 We are always looking to improve our production area and over the Christmas period our design and installation teams were busy to spruce up one area of production. They tested the capability of our equipment to ensure we hit 2017 at full speed, full of health. As a peaceful addition to this otherwise hectic area of the business, we have also added a giant aquarium to offer a place of calm and serenity.

Oracle Signage for Tetris Bluu

As part of an extensive refurbishment for the Oracle offices in London, we worked alongside Tetris Bluu to manufacture and install intricate bespoke signage. Requirements for a number of rooms represented an interesting challenge, with the size and fragility of the design necessitating careful consideration as to how the structure was produced, transported to the site and then assembled to the tight specifications the design required.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer, contact us today and our friendly customer service team will be happy to advise.


Technical Helpdesk Arrives!!


To assist all of our dealers and customers we, here at Bonwyke and Hanita UK, have set up a technical help desk to make sure these needs are met.

Part of the Hanita’s unique offering in the window film industry is the high level of R&D work associated with their offerings. This is very much part of the DNA for the company and has become an integral part of their development process.

This level of R&D has resulted in the construction of many excellent external grade films, such as the unique XTRM series, and has put Hanita as a World leader in the development of external grade products. Hanita’s dedicated work on energy reduction, utilising window film to reduce Air Conditioning usage and costs, involves complicated software calculations to show Return on Investments and suitability for glass compatibility.

The window film industry has advanced its products to be more in line with modern building regulations and practices and that means a much more technical approach needs to be taken with clients and Architects.

If you have any technical questions or calculations you need resolved then just email your particular question to and we will answer it for you.


Potential Take Over of Hanita Coatings Inc

Hanita UK logo

As a valued customer, we’d like to update you on a recent potential strategic change in Hanita’s ownership. We have been distributing Hanita’s window film for over 15 years and very much enjoyed the process of working with them. Hanita has been approached by a strategic buyer, which has reached an agreement about the general terms of acquiring Hanita with the current owners, though the deal is not final as of yet. As you might know any acquisition is a long process and there is currently a due diligence process being carried out, by the potential buyer and nothing will be finalized until the end of the year.

The potential buyer is a US based $6 Billion company and has made a strategic decision to enter new business areas like window film and are committed to build on the existing corner stone of the current Hanita Coatings’ channels to further grow and develop their own business. This company has a very solid financial standing and their intent is to add resources into existing channels in order to increase the market support and execution.

In discussions with the potential buyer, they have made it clear to Hanita, that they recognize the uniqueness Hanita hold in the market and wish to continue supporting the innovative trend.

We see this potential move as a positive strategic one, that will only bring new opportunities for us and you, our valued dealer. All film processes are to remain in place and the supply of Hanita’s product will not be interrupted, so be assured that all products remain available from us.


We’re backing UK PLC


We’re all a couple of months past the Brexit vote and although the leaving process and activation dates are yet to be set we have seen some negative effects, especially the weakening of Sterling.

Many will say that Sterling was over valued prior to the vote and has now found its right level against other major currencies but there is no doubt that anyone importing goods from abroad is now paying about 12% more for their product than they were before the vote. All window films and vinyls are imported into the UK, whether as a raw material or as a finished item and it will not have passed your notice how trade suppliers have been putting their prices up accordingly.

We have been distributing window film for over 35 years and haven’t become the UK’s largest independent distributor of window film by following what everyone else does. Now the decision has been made to leave the EU, we at Bonwyke firmly believe in the UK’s ability to become a successful trading entity on the World stage and much of that belief is founded upon us helping our customers to carry on successfully trading. Many of the corporate film suppliers have taken the short term view in putting their prices up but our belief is that we are here for the long term and that things will recover to the benefit of all.

After extensive negotiations with our branded suppliers, our promise to you, our customer, is not to increase our prices over this uncertain period and we will absorb what we see as a temporary issue with the exchange rate and make sure that all of our customers can continue to trade at the same cost level as before the Brexit vote.

Chris George – Managing Director – Bonwyke Ltd


Been to the Garden Centre Lately?


Garden CentreThe likely answer to that question is ‘Yes’. Easter is just about the busiest time for Garden Centres and here at Bonwyke we’ve spending a considerable amount of time (most of it out of hours) in a well known national chain helping them deal with the heat that inevitably occurs under so much glass and plastic.

This particular Garden Centre had Silver 20 (in the photo) in the restaurant area and will be having Coolkote fitted to the main retail area to reject the heat from the roof area. the end result being a much more comfortable environment for your Garden Centre shopping experience.

Weeding isn’t just for the garden…

Here at Bonwyke towers our manufacturing team are always weeding. Weeding is used to describe the process of removing the unwanted part of a manifestation after its been cut out by one of our plotters. This can be painstaking intricate work where you MUST pay attention to detail. Something we’re pretty good at here. Below is a good example of an intricate manifestation that required a high level of workmanship to ensure the excellent design was applied uniformly. Painstaking work, but with a quite wonderful outcome.

Intricate Manifestation
Intricate Manifestation


Merry Xmas 2014….


Happy Christmas from us all……

Here we all are at the end of the year again and looking forward to the Christmas break. We, at Bonwyke, would like to take this chance to thank everyone for their custom this year. We hope that you all have  a great time over the Yuletide break and we wish you all a prosperous New Year for 2015.

Office hours….

Our offices will be closed from midday on Wednesday 24th Dec and re-open again on Monday 5th January. Our last date for any product orders will be 16:00hrs on Tuesday 23rd Dec. As usual, at this busy time of the year, the courier services are at full stretch so we ask that you give some thought to pre-ordering your film a few days in advance, to avoid any potential disappointments with product arrival.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year…….

New Bonwyke Brochure…coming to a doorstep near you.

We have been working hard here at Bonwyke on the new brochure. Now completed and back from the printers there will be a copy making its way out to our customers old and new over the coming weeks.

New additions are:

  • Brick wrapping – We can now apply graphics to brickwork internally or externally and have already installed some great looking imagery at a premier league club.
  • Signal Defence Anti-Eavesdropping film –  Window film to protect against wireless hacking, sophisticated listening & monitoring devices compromising a security conscious work environment. As used by government bodies, financial institutions & banks.

There is plenty of imagery and ideas to aid you when you are next considering how to add some ‘wow factor’ to your next project.

New Brochure 2014

HanitaUK External film accreditation day….



Hanita's Silver 20 XTRM. with a 15 year warranty, being demonstrated
Hanita’s Silver 20 XTRM. with a 15 year warranty, being demonstrated

Leading the way with externals

Under the HanitaUK partnership Bonwyke held the first of our external film accreditation days at our Fareham HQ. Hanita Coatings’ European Sales Manager, Leon Davids, flew in to help deliver the day, alongside our own Technical Slaes Director, Nik Sandars.

The day was run as two sessions delivering both practical and technical background to nine dealer companies in attendance. Leon gave everyone the background thinking from Hanita on just why they have developed industry leading warranties and new formulations for construction.

Skylite silver 20 with 10 year waranty on slanted panes
Skylite silver 20 with 10 year waranty on slanted panes

“Hanita researched with global glass manufacturers to gauge where the window market is going over the next 3-5 years”. Leon continued “it won’t be long before any internally installed solar film will negate any advantages being made in the glass manufacture and become obsolete for installation to new glass.”

Nik picked up the theme by saying “HanitaUK intend to become the industry leader in the UK for supplying external film technology”, Nik took this further by saying “Hanita Coatings have developed externals films with upto 15 year warranties which argue against the higher cost for external applications. The performance advantages for installing film externally is obvious and make for a far better solution over that of internal application in most cases.”

Accreditaion certificates were awarded at the end of the seminar and a big thank you goes out to those dealers who were prepared to committ to the time to learn about the great advantages of using Hanita advanced technology.

For further details on external window films please call us on 01329 289621 or email us at


Hanita Coatings Global Conference…..


Worldwide attendees
Worldwide attendees

As part of Bonwyke’s increased partnering with Hanita Coatings, HanitUK were invited to attend the company’s global conference held the week before Christmas in Israel.

Both Chris George (MD) and Nik Sandars (Sales Director) attended the three day gathering, which saw many of Hanita’s global distributors participate. Representatives from China, South Korea, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Brazil, USA all made the journey and a very productive time was had by all.

Hanita Factory
Hanita Factory

The conference majored on show casing Hanita’s superb range of external grade films with industry leading warranties, some as long as 15 years for externally applied films. Also highlighted was the use of their spectrally selective product range, linked closely with the Energy Efficiency program they are running on a worldwide basis.

It was also great to see our guest speaker this year as Daryl Smith from The International Window Film Association, IWFA. Daryl spoke for over an hour bringing everyone upto speed on the work being achieved behind the scenes with many of the major film manufactues and the glass industry in general.

We were also lucky enough to attend Hanita’s 30 year celebration evening with the whole Hanita ‘family’. All of the employees, their families, customers and shareholders were invited to a giant food fest and evening’s entertainment. Top of the bill was an ‘Oscar’s night’ spoof delivered by Leon and Danny, giving great credit to the staff who have worked so hard for Hanita over the years.

Congratualtions to Oved Shapira (CEO) and everyone at Hanita for putting on such a smoothly run week and for introducing us to so many great people from around the world.


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