The Deterrent of Security Window Film

One of the biggest concerns for any business owner is that of security and protecting your assets from attempted burglary and theft. At your work premises there will be expensive equipment present, as well as furnishings, alongside products that you sell, promotional materials and countless important documents relating to financial aspects of the business, employee files and other documents that may contain personal information.

Our range of security window film is the perfect addition to your business security plans, for a number of reasons.

Block the View from Outside – One of the benefits to security window film is that from the outside it helps to block the view. So if you have staff members on the inside working on important and confidential documents, or there is a wide variety of equipment and machinery in the room, no one from the outside can see for sure what valuables are present.

Shatterproof Qualities – If an attempt is made to break the window, our security window film has been designed and applied to the surface in a way that ensures it is very difficult to break through. Instead of the glass shattering in all directions, potentially harming those inside, the film binds the glass together.

A Deterrent to Burglars – Both of the above act as a natural deterrent to any potential burglars. All theft is performed under the assumption that it can be carried out quickly and efficiently. By blocking the view so burglars aren’t quite sure what’s inside, and shatterproof glass lengthening the time it takes to get inside, both act as a deterrent.

You can’t put a price on the peace of mind associated with the security of a business premises. Bonwyke has the team in place to assist with the application of security window film. It can go a long way to providing an added layer of security as a deterrent, and through its shatterproof qualities. For more information about our security window film products, give our customer service team a call.

Securing Your Property with Window Vinyl

The security of your commercial premises is a massive undertaking and priority as a business owner. In order for your company to grow you have to be sure about the security of your assets and staff, with security window vinyl a simple application that could make a real difference to your business.

Adding window film to your business creates another layer of security and there are a number of reasons why.

Creates Shatterproof Glass – One way in which burglars enter the premises of a business they are attempting to steal from is to smash a window and climb through. Our window film acts to binds the pane of glass together should it be impacted and broken. What this does is slow down the attempted intrusion, and is more likely to scare off the potential burglars as they will not want the complication. It also ensures that any persons inside the premises is less likely to be hurt from flying shattered glass, as it has been bound together.

Acts as a Deterrent – Our window vinyl designed for security purposes is tinted in order to keep out prying eyes and to act as a deterrent to potential burglars walking past your commercial premises. If you have expensive equipment or documents that are on show within the office, our window film offers that extra bit of peace of mind as they are now harder to see from outside.

Block Out Harmful Rays – The third major benefit of our security vinyl is that once it is applied to the surface of the window it helps to reduce UV rays from natural sunlight. This is helpful in reducing work disruption from glare on computer screens and reducing the temperature in the room, whilst also reducing the impact of light on the fading of furniture and documents. Our window film also helps to reduce the impact of harmful UV rays on the health of your employees.

Bonwyke offers a range of window vinyl, including a range of window defence systems designed to add another layer of security to your current business security system. Added to alarms, CCTV and other security processes, our window film acts as another deterrent to criminals, binds together broken glass to prevent it from shattering and wards off prying eyes with a tinted surface.

If you would like to speak to the Bonwyke customer service team for more information about our window defence systems, please feel free to give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further. Our team has the experience and knowledge to make a real difference to your business security.

Blast Proof Windows for Your Business Security

The security of your business is vitally important to your long-term stability and potential to grow. One of the areas that a potential break in can take place pretty easily is through your windows. Blast proof window film from Bonwyke is the perfect addition to your business premises. It acts as a deterrent and protects your employees from injury in the event of glass being smashed.

Protect Against Burglary – One way in which blast proof window film works is that it binds shattered glass together. Should an intruder attempt to smash a pane of glass and enter your building they will be faced with a situation where the glass won’t buckle under pressure. This is a massive deterrent to burglars.

Keep Employees Safe – If a window has been struck with force, either deliberately or accidentally, the shattering glass can cause real damage and injury to your employees. Blast proof window film transforms the pane of glass into shatterproof glass, so the staff members closest to the window won’t suffer from shards of glass.

Accidents Happen – Sometimes a trip in the workplace can lead to an horrific injury involving a pane of glass. Blast proof window film ensures that the surface remains intact, and although it will hurt the person involved, it won’t lead to them falling right through and suffering potential life threatening injuries. Add to that if your premises face street level, an accidental collision involving a vehicle, although unlikely, if it happened could be devastating.

To find out more about the blast proof window film we can install at your business premises, contact the Bonwyke team today. We understand how to help your business having worked with a variety of companies in myriad industries over the years. Blast proof window film has developed considerably over the years and could be what your business requires for that added layer of security and protection.

Lowering Business Energy Costs with Window Film

As a business owner you are inevitably always going to be looking at new ways to cut your costs. If you can combine this through a process that actually enhances your business in some way you are on to a winner. Installing window film at your commercial premises is a great way to cut your energy costs.

One of the more popular ranges of window film that Bonwyke Design provides sand install for businesses is Solar Window Film. As technologies and science have developed over the years so has the ability of window film to assist with all manner of things relating to harmful UV rays and to act as an environmentally proactive part of your business.

Our tinted solar window film can be applied in order to block out some of the natural sunlight that fills your office space on a daily basis. That way your employees won’t feel the heat in direct sunlight, won’t suffer from the affects of glare on their computer screens and the whole environment can be kept at a comfortable temperature. You’ll experience a natural lower temperature in the hot summer months, whilst the solar wind film also has properties that encourage a slow release of warm air in winter. This ensures that no matter what time of year, your energy costs can be cut considerably.

For more information about installing window film with a view to lowering your energy costs, contact Bonwyke Design today and a member of our team will be able to offer honest advice and guidance about our window film and your specific requirements.

Update Your Window Security Systems with Bonwyke

The security system in place at your place of work is always an important part of any business plan; you have to be able to protect your assets for those periods of time where there is no one present. For many this takes the form of alarm systems and CCTV operations, but you can add another layer to help with window protection and blast defence systems.

Bonwyke has a range of products that have been designed by our experts to provide maximum protection from those situations where an intruder may be trying to enter the premises unlawfully, or to protect from a blast of some sort. The multi-lamented window film is anchored to the window frame and acts as a protective shield.

What this does is ensure that your staff are protected from any flying glass should they be present at the time of the window being attacked, but it also works in a way to keep the glass together for longer, rather than shattering, helping to prevent entry through the window pane itself.

It is a relatively straightforward process to install, and can be used effectively across the whole length of a frame, no matter the size. We can build to fit in with the colour of the existing frame so that the aesthetic of your workplace is left as is. On top of that we can supply for the original manufacturing process or to be added to an existing window structure, allowing for flexibility no matter your situation.

If you are interests in bolstering the security of your workplace with a flexible and sturdy window security system, contact Bonwyke today. We understand how important it is to secure your business premises and with a blast defence system built into your window protection you are adding another layer of protection to ward off against burglary. We look forward to assisting you.

We’re backing UK PLC


We’re all a couple of months past the Brexit vote and although the leaving process and activation dates are yet to be set we have seen some negative effects, especially the weakening of Sterling.

Many will say that Sterling was over valued prior to the vote and has now found its right level against other major currencies but there is no doubt that anyone importing goods from abroad is now paying about 12% more for their product than they were before the vote. All window films and vinyls are imported into the UK, whether as a raw material or as a finished item and it will not have passed your notice how trade suppliers have been putting their prices up accordingly.

We have been distributing window film for over 35 years and haven’t become the UK’s largest independent distributor of window film by following what everyone else does. Now the decision has been made to leave the EU, we at Bonwyke firmly believe in the UK’s ability to become a successful trading entity on the World stage and much of that belief is founded upon us helping our customers to carry on successfully trading. Many of the corporate film suppliers have taken the short term view in putting their prices up but our belief is that we are here for the long term and that things will recover to the benefit of all.

After extensive negotiations with our branded suppliers, our promise to you, our customer, is not to increase our prices over this uncertain period and we will absorb what we see as a temporary issue with the exchange rate and make sure that all of our customers can continue to trade at the same cost level as before the Brexit vote.

Chris George – Managing Director – Bonwyke Ltd


Pineapple and your WiFi

Pineapple WiFi

As part of our investigations into the security market & specifically around anti-snooping, as this is what our Signal Defence product range is aimed at addressing, we have come across an interesting device readily available to buy that in the wrong hands is capable of ‘spoofing’ your WiFi enabled device into thinking its connected to a safe network.

How does it work..? Simple. If your device is WiFi enabled its constantly sending a ‘probe signal’ out looking to connect to one of the networks you deem as safe. Pineapple has the capability to trick your device into thinking its connecting to one of your safe connections exposing you to having sensitive information accessed and you don’t even realise it.

The message is switch you’re WiFi off if you are out and about, you’re device will be much more secure and far less vulnerable to hacking.



Cyber Crime Risk Management

Marsh at the forefront of Cyber Crime management….

Marsh Insurance Brokers’ London office held a two day conference in Brighton last week looking to bring to the fore the importance of Cyber crime and the management of those risks.

Marsh, one of the world’s largest brokers, are keen to bring to the attention of CEO’s, CIO’s and CFO’s in the coporate world just how important this area of risk is to a business. Many companies now face much stiffer penalties from regulatory bodies such as the FSA, The Law Society and the European Government for breaches in data loss.

Major Jonathan Shaw at The Grand, Brighton fo the Marsh conference

Marsh involved a number of high profile speakers to push over this meassage, including Major General Jonathan Shaw, CBE who is recognised as the Government Tsar on Cyber Crime and is an ex member of COBRA Emergency Committee. His main emphasis was to look at strong leadership in implementing the changes necessary and aligning a company’s strategy direct from the top. ‘Get the CEO on board and the whole complany will follow and achieve’ was his mantra.

Companies face many forms of attack from the Cyber criminal including Social Engineering, Hard wire network and electrnic attack. Bonwyke’s own Ultima Signal Defence film is designed to prevent accidental or malicious attacks from RF and wireless enabled devices. “It’s a solution to data loss via WiFi, Bluetooth and IR Laser Microphone attacks in the general office environment, that is an area being too easily overlooked at present” reports Chris George, Bonwyke’s Managing Director. “With the Ultima system optical clarity and light levels are maintained but the signalling is barriered thus preventing the loss of vital personal and financial data. Martin Folan and his team at Marsh deserve great praise for bringing this area to the attention of business leaders” he continued.

For more information on the Ultima Signal Defence system please call on 01329 289621 or email us on

Counter Terror Show, 2013

Bonwyke showcase new products at CTX….

Bonwyke returned to the Counter Terror Show last week to demonstrate and showcase their latest offering under their Ultima Window Defence System brand. New to Ultima’s range is Ultima SD2500 Signal Defence coating, designed to help in the fight against Cyber crime.

Nik Sandars delivering Cyber crime awareness Seminar at CTX 2013

Ultima SD2500 is an optically clear window coating, with worldwide patents, designed to reduce the risk of data loss via RF, WiFi, Bluetooth and IR signaling. Effective at attenuation levels greater than 46db, in a frequency range 30MHz to 10GHz, the coating is a retro fit product and blocks electronic signals from passing through glass and windows, which are the paths of least resistance. Exclusive to the Ultima range, Bonwyke are introducing this product for deployment in the Government, Military and Corporate sectors to help protect organisations against malicious Cyber attacks from Laser Microphones and RF bugging devices.

Also being shown at the two day show were Ultima No Bar, Clear Bar and Cable Bar. These products are designed to help protect window systems under blast conditions, utilising the latest generation anti-blast laminated window films and frame retention systems and can be deployed individually or in combination with each other, depending on the threat level,(tested to GSA level 3a) to protect resources and personnel from fragmentaion.

For more indormation on these versatile products please call us on 01329 289621 or email: for more details.

Counter Terror Show 2013

Come and join us on Stand B23

Bonwyke are show casing their Ultima range of security solutions at this year’s Counter Terror Show (CTX) being held at Olympia, London. Situated in the Cyber Security arena on Stand B23 we are exhibiting both our electronic security solutions and also our physical security products.

Ultima Signal Defence is a patented window coating that is optically clear and designed to reduce the ability of WiFi, Bluetooth and IR signalling from passing through windows. Tested to a level of 46dB of attenuation the film, and associated products, provide a solution in preventing Cyber Attack and information leakage, both malicious and accidental, via signal methods. With the proliferation of frequency enabled devices (laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s) in the general office environment information is made easily available to organisations other than your own!

Ultima No Bar is a Frame Anchoring system used in conjunction with Anti-Blast and security window films. The system carries world wide patents and is uniquely mechanically fixed to existing window frames to provide the ultimate in defence against harmfull blast damage from flying glass and debris. This system is also backed by Clear Bar and Cable Bar, both systems designed to either be stand alone solutions or compliment the No Bar under the most crittical of circumstances.

Hopefully you will get the chance to attend the exhibition, where we can give more details on all of our product range but if not then please call 01329 289621 or email for more information and we will make contact with you.


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