Textured Wall Coverings for Bars and Restaurants

The hospitality sector is highly competitive with bars and restaurants always looking for new ways to beat the rival locations, entice new customers and keep loyal customers happy, and to do so without breaking the budget. A customer is much more likely to be happy and want to stay longer, spend money, return to visit you and recommend you to their friends and family if you have created a pleasant environment and aesthetic. A fresh, clean and warm bar or restaurant will work wonders in your customer retention plans and if you are looking to undertake a refurbishment project, or to open your own place, we have the perfect addition to your décor plans – textured wall vinyl from Cover Styl.

No matter what style of textured wall vinyl you are thinking of, Cover Styl has the options available, offering seamless finishes for stone or marble effect, a wood finish and a multitude of other choices.

The first thing that you need to consider is the impact a textured wall vinyl will have on your customers as they walk through the door. You can create a truly jaw dropping experience, something that your customers will remember for a long time and helping you to stand apart from your competitors.

You can also look to include your textured wall coverings as part of your branding, applying different types of finish to different areas of your bar or restaurant to create a different theme and evoke different emotions and feelings for customers at various parts of their journey with you.

In terms of cost effectiveness, textured wall vinyl can be an alternative to a full refurbishment project without lessening the end result. You can apply a wood effect finish that lasts for a long time, rather than have genuine timber, saving you money and still wowing your audience.

Bonwyke Ltd offers a bespoke service to bars and restaurants and others in the hospitality sector. Our experts understand how to deliver a full installation from the wide Cover Styl range. We believe in textured wall vinyl as a way of improving the décor and aesthetic of your bar or restaurant, providing you with the chance to refurbish and entice new customers, whilst keeping your current clientele content.

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