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16 Aug

The Flexibility of Digital Prints

If you are looking for a flexible and versatile way to apply graphics to a wall or other type of surface, look no further than digitally printed wallpapers. Our clients have come to us with a range of locations, surfaces and reasons behind wanting digital print and our team get great enjoyment and satisfaction out of delivering the goods.

With digitally printed wallpaper there really isn’t any barrier to stopping you applying to any surface that you want to. We have delivered digital prints to hotel reception and bar areas, livening up areas that were dull and uninspiring and turning them into a warm and welcoming environment for guests. In office spaces we’ve applied digital prints with brand design and inspirational messages to get the juices flowing and inspire employees to reach consistently high standards.

The Bonwyke team works alongside our clients from start to finish, getting a real feel for what the situation is, the surfaces that will be worked on and the intended impact of the prints. We have the capacity to deliver digital prints to fit large exterior walls, small windows, and for application on any surface. With short lead times of 2-3 days, we can help you make an impact with a short turnaround from the design request to the digital prints being applied at your location.

Bonwyke offers stunning digitally printed wallpapers that offer flexibility of application, durability and an ease of maintenance. If you would like to find out more about our service, please feel free to contact our customer service team and we’ll be able to offer advice on how to put together a digital print from an existing design or image, or from scratch. We look forward to enhancing the aesthetic of your home or business with digital prints.