Alternative Locations for Wall Vinyl

When we talk about wall art and vinyl wall coverings it is usually for the standard office wall or customer space in a business as a branding opportunity. But our designs aren’t limited to just that, we can also install in a variety of locations that you might not have considered.

Bathrooms – Whether an office bathroom or a private bathroom at home, think about the design potential for a wall graphic. It can be a nautical theme if you want to stay traditional, or it can be about anything you like. Wall art in your bathroom can spruce things up in what is otherwise a purely functional area of any building.

Kitchens – A kitchen doesn’t offer you much space to work with in terms of adding some design flare, but there is space. Whether you want to add a dash of colour to the counter tops or go wild with the fridge, a graphic could be the perfect option to delight those culinary creatures.

Mirrors & Windows – It might seem like a fad that has grown out of fashion, but a carefully placed wall sticker or vinyl graphic can make a subtle difference to your windows and mirrors if designed to fit in with the aesthetic of each room.

Bonwyke has experience in designing, delivering and installing graphic wall art for a variety of locations. Whether it is wall vinyl for an office wall, a window or something more personal as a home kitchen, we can deliver the goods and give you an exciting addition to your premises. Call us today to speak to a knowledgeable and friendly member of our team. We look forward to helping you.

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