Coolkote Paint and Film

We believe in the quality of the window film that we provide and install for our clients, but sometimes there is a need for something a little different than conventional window film. Our flexible approach to our service led us to provide a product range of window film and paint designed specifically for polycarbonate or plastic roofing; those surfaces that can see a fast build-up of heat from natural sunlight.

When conventional window film is used on these types of surfaces they end up suffering from bubbles appearing because of heat and the ‘off gases’ from plastic. Coolkote has been specifically designed to be porous, allowing these gases to pass through easily, thus preventing the appearance of bubbles.

Coolkote paint offers a solution for industrial locations where a clear plastic roof has been installed to allow light into the working area, preventing heat from building quickly in the area by reflecting light.

Coolkote has been designed to reduce unwanted heat and glare from glass surfaces but also to remove over 99% of harmful UV rays. In hot working environments the last thing you want is extra heat just to gain some natural light. This product allows you to gain the light, whilst reducing temperatures and glare, as well as preventing sun damage and fading on furniture and documents.

Sometimes you might not realise that you need a different approach, with a simple paint or window film making a real difference to your place of work. Contact our expert customer service team today and we’ll be able to assist you with Coolkote paint and film. We look forward to assisting you.

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