Fire Precautions in Frosted Glass Work

For any project there are always other requirements to take into consideration, not only the aesthetic and durability properties of the window film, digital wallpaper or other type of product that we produce and install. One of the major factors to be considered when installing within a business premises is the fire safety procedure for that specific building, as well as general fire safety legislation that has to be adhered to.

Case Study of a Fire Safety Sensitive Project

Recently we completed a project for Modus, who were working for Regus Gerrards Cross (see image above). For us this was a simple manifestation job, but it is the perfect illustration of how we can work effectively within fire safety regulations.

As you can see in the photo the frosted manifestation does not entirely cover the glass, instead leaving clear glass in certain sections. In terms of fire safety this is to allow for clear visual access to all rooms during an evacuation. During a fire drill or genuine evacuation of a building, the clear glass allows those with the responsibility to quickly look into each room to check for people still in the building, take head counts and help those who require assistance in a fast and safe timeframe.

Our installation teams at Bonwyke have vast experience in installing to bespoke specifications and designs, but always within the framework of security and safety for the premises where installation is taking place. As with our example, we produce work to the highest quality, with fire safety and other regulations in mind, working collaboratively with the client and other relevant sources to ensure everything is 100% correct.

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