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Cut Graphics are high performance vinyls ideal for short or long term applications suitable for internal and external surfaces. This is popular for signage as it can be made quickly and applied to most substrates with up to 12 years life expectancy.

There are plenty of variants when it comes to vinyl. In fact, there are so many that suppliers need to list their range of products in a catalogue. There are three types of vinyls we tend to use the most of; these are:

Intermediate Medium term use. 3 – 5 year monomeric PVC
High Performance Our standard range. 7 – 8 year polymeric PVC
Premium Exceptional durability and conformability. 7 – 12 year cast PVC

These have a self-extinguishing fire rating which makes them ideal for any architectural purpose. They are perfect for flat or slight curved substrates with the exception of the premium cast which can conform to extremely concaved or convexed surfaces such as vehicle panels.

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