Graphic Types

As one of the largest manufacturers and installers of graphics and window film in the UK, we’re well equipped to take on any sized job

Creative solutions for your projects

We are contracted by some of the largest brands in the world not just for our design or install capabilities but for the full package we provide. We solve problems with creative thinking – this has been our adage since 1980.

What we do

Project Management

The vast experience accrued by our project management team ensures all areas are covered which allows for full ownership of projects from start to finish.

In-house Design

Our team of qualified designers are versed in traditional and contemporary design with a portfolio which includes some of the largest projects carried out in the UK.

Supply & Installation

We use the latest techniques to produce vibrant designs. Our teams of installers are industry trained and are compliant with CSCSCHASPASMAIPAF and more.

Global Coverage

As well as the UK, Bonwyke Design are often involved in contracts around the world. From tinting luxury yachts in Saint Tropez to branding banks in Nigeria

Consultation Service

Businesses rely upon our expertise at every stage of a job. With an abundance of experience, our team offer consultation to ensure excellent results.

Access Equipment

We provide appropriate access equipment to ensure our certified installers have safe and acceptable work space to complete their installation.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are carried out for any required job. This ensures the safety within the working environment for our workers and those around them.

On-site Surveying

We carry out a survey on-site for all of our jobs to prepare for any complications that could occur. It also allows us to match colours and test surfaces.


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