Textured Wall Vinyl for Hotels

The hotel industry is a competitive one with owners of hotels putting forward a wide array of ideas and practices to ensure they win out over competitors. One way to keep customers happy, loyal and more likely to recommend a stay at your hotel is to maintain an ultra-clean, well-decorated and pleasant environment for a visitor’s stay. If you are looking to redecorate or refurbish your hotel and require a solid and consistent theme, with a fast and cost effective project turnaround, textured wall vinyl is the perfect choice for you.

Create a Memorable Experience – With a wide range of textured wall coverings available through the Cover Styl range you can create a truly memorable experience for your guests. Stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression in both the communal areas and the private rooms.

Reinforce Your Brand Ideals – If you are looking for wall coverings that speak for your brand, you can apply them to different areas of the hotel to help you reinforce those ideas. It might pay to have calming textures in the bedrooms to help guests relax and sleep soundly, with striking wall coverings in the bar area to help create a lively atmosphere.

Cost Effective Refurbishment – The range of textured wall vinyl that we can provide for hotels offer a cost effective solution should you be looking to refurbish. The ease with which they can be applied to any surface ensures a smooth and low-cost turnaround time, and their durability and flexibility ensure that they are long lasting and easy to maintain.

The Cover Styl range of textured wall vinyl is perfect no matter what type of finish you desire in your hotel. If you are looking for a seamless wood effect, stone or marble, leather, or even glitter, there is the vinyl wall covering to suit your needs. The finish is visually pleasing, easy to install, cost effective and durable for long-lasting application.

Bonwyke Ltd offers a fully tailored service to hotels, offering expert advice and specialist delivery and installation of the full Cover Styl range of textured wall vinyl. For any hotel refurbishment project we’ve got you covered, no matter your UK location.

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