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27 Dec

Hanita Coatings Global Conference…..


Worldwide attendees

Worldwide attendees

As part of Bonwyke’s increased partnering with Hanita Coatings, HanitUK were invited to attend the company’s global conference held the week before Christmas in Israel.

Both Chris George (MD) and Nik Sandars (Sales Director) attended the three day gathering, which saw many of Hanita’s global distributors participate. Representatives from China, South Korea, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Brazil, USA all made the journey and a very productive time was had by all.

Hanita Factory

Hanita Factory

The conference majored on show casing Hanita’s superb range of external grade films with industry leading warranties, some as long as 15 years for externally applied films. Also highlighted was the use of their spectrally selective product range, linked closely with the Energy Efficiency program they are running on a worldwide basis.

It was also great to see our guest speaker this year as Daryl Smith from The International Window Film Association, IWFA. Daryl spoke for over an hour bringing everyone upto speed on the work being achieved behind the scenes with many of the major film manufactues and the glass industry in general.

We were also lucky enough to attend Hanita’s 30 year celebration evening with the whole Hanita ‘family’. All of the employees, their families, customers and shareholders were invited to a giant food fest and evening’s entertainment. Top of the bill was an ‘Oscar’s night’ spoof delivered by Leon and Danny, giving great credit to the staff who have worked so hard for Hanita over the years.

Congratualtions to Oved Shapira (CEO) and everyone at Hanita for putting on such a smoothly run week and for introducing us to so many great people from around the world.