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25 May

Hanita External Film

New generation of external films…..

Hanita Coatings have long been recognised as a global expert in manufacturing external films and they have continued to push the bounderies with their new generation of film. Featured here is Titan 35 Xtra, a Dual Reflective film designed to maximise solar heat gain reduction whilst reducing the internal reflectance level, for better aesthetics.

There are various advantages in using external solar films over that of internally applied ones. For a start they work more efficiently by reflecting the sun’s heat without any re-absorbance into the glass pane. This can equate to 7-10% better performance over their internal counterparts, essential when trying to reduce Air Conditioning usage in the office environment. With the advancement in technology for glass systems the solar heat absorbance increases when films are applied internally. These problems are negated with an external application, reducing risks for Thermal Stress fracture.

Titan 35 Xtra used for HSBC, St James’ Street, London

Titan Xtra is manufactured across a range of VLT’s from 07, 20, 35 & 50 allowing for all types of light levels to be catered for. These films all carry a 5year waarnaty on vertical surfaces. Hanita’s Silver 20, 35 and 50 Xtra range carry a 7 year warranty for the same application, with a soon to be announced 15 year warranty for the Silver 20 Xtrm film on vertical surfaces.

Hanita are launching an industry unique 10 year warranty film for slanted surfaces, even to a horizontal level, with their SkyLite series and and announcement with more detail will be with you soon.

Tradition amongst installers has always been to apply film internally but with Hanita’s industry leading warranties which match internal ones now is the time to seriously review attitudes to external installations. For more information on these and all of Hanita’s ground breaking products please call us on 01329 289621 or email us at: