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26 Mar

HanitaUK External film accreditation day….



Hanita's Silver 20 XTRM. with a 15 year warranty, being demonstrated

Hanita’s Silver 20 XTRM. with a 15 year warranty, being demonstrated

Leading the way with externals

Under the HanitaUK partnership Bonwyke held the first of our external film accreditation days at our Fareham HQ. Hanita Coatings’ European Sales Manager, Leon Davids, flew in to help deliver the day, alongside our own Technical Slaes Director, Nik Sandars.

The day was run as two sessions delivering both practical and technical background to nine dealer companies in attendance. Leon gave everyone the background thinking from Hanita on just why they have developed industry leading warranties and new formulations for construction.

Skylite silver 20 with 10 year waranty on slanted panes

Skylite silver 20 with 10 year waranty on slanted panes

“Hanita researched with global glass manufacturers to gauge where the window market is going over the next 3-5 years”. Leon continued “it won’t be long before any internally installed solar film will negate any advantages being made in the glass manufacture and become obsolete for installation to new glass.”

Nik picked up the theme by saying “HanitaUK intend to become the industry leader in the UK for supplying external film technology”, Nik took this further by saying “Hanita Coatings have developed externals films with upto 15 year warranties which argue against the higher cost for external applications. The performance advantages for installing film externally is obvious and make for a far better solution over that of internal application in most cases.”

Accreditaion certificates were awarded at the end of the seminar and a big thank you goes out to those dealers who were prepared to committ to the time to learn about the great advantages of using Hanita advanced technology.

For further details on external window films please call us on 01329 289621 or email us at