Banking on Cyber Crime Prevention?…


A typical High Street branch
A typical High Street branch

Cyber Crime a real issue in the financial sector….

The recent announcement of the successful Cyber attack on Barclays Bank’s Swiss Cottage branch highlights the very real need for prevention against this type of theft. From the Metroplitan Police’s reports it appears as though a Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switch was planted in the branch by a bogus engineer and then communicated with through the hard wire network.

The successful theft of over £1.3 million highlights some serious issues with security on the human and network level. Bonwyke’s MD, Chris George, comments “our view is that no matter how much training is given to staff and no matter how many security hurdles are put in place, these criminals can open the security gates put in place”. The use of KVM devices to commit low risk, high financial yield cyber-enabled crime is on the rise, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Help is at hand…

HighStreetBanksBonwyke’s Ultima SD2500 patented signal defence film is being introduced to the security market as one solution to add to the portfolio of security teams and departments. Chris continues “switches like the KVM one used here can be accessed remotely by radio frequency signalling, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. This means that a man in a van, with the right equipment, within 30-40 metres of the branch could access the switch day or night and be gone within seconds and become untraceable.”

Most high street branches are glass fronted, offering no protection against such signals. The Ultima SD2500 film is an optically clear film with a very slight tint and when installed to the glass is designed to be a permanent barrier against WiFi, Bluetooth and IR signalling. “the general idea is to try to create as near to a Faraday Cage effect as is possible, to stop RF penetration and leakage of data from a controlled area” says Stuart Pritchard, Ultima Contracts Director of Installation. “it takes away the aspect of human error, if vital information is not protected for some reason” he reiterated.

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