Counter Terror Show, 2013

Bonwyke showcase new products at CTX….

Bonwyke returned to the Counter Terror Show last week to demonstrate and showcase their latest offering under their Ultima Window Defence System brand. New to Ultima’s range is Ultima SD2500 Signal Defence coating, designed to help in the fight against Cyber crime.

Nik Sandars delivering Cyber crime awareness Seminar at CTX 2013

Ultima SD2500 is an optically clear window coating, with worldwide patents, designed to reduce the risk of data loss via RF, WiFi, Bluetooth and IR signaling. Effective at attenuation levels greater than 46db, in a frequency range 30MHz to 10GHz, the coating is a retro fit product and blocks electronic signals from passing through glass and windows, which are the paths of least resistance. Exclusive to the Ultima range, Bonwyke are introducing this product for deployment in the Government, Military and Corporate sectors to help protect organisations against malicious Cyber attacks from Laser Microphones and RF bugging devices.

Also being shown at the two day show were Ultima No Bar, Clear Bar and Cable Bar. These products are designed to help protect window systems under blast conditions, utilising the latest generation anti-blast laminated window films and frame retention systems and can be deployed individually or in combination with each other, depending on the threat level,(tested to GSA level 3a) to protect resources and personnel from fragmentaion.

For more indormation on these versatile products please call us on 01329 289621 or email: for more details.

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