Cyber Crime Risk Management

Marsh at the forefront of Cyber Crime management….

Marsh Insurance Brokers’ London office held a two day conference in Brighton last week looking to bring to the fore the importance of Cyber crime and the management of those risks.

Marsh, one of the world’s largest brokers, are keen to bring to the attention of CEO’s, CIO’s and CFO’s in the coporate world just how important this area of risk is to a business. Many companies now face much stiffer penalties from regulatory bodies such as the FSA, The Law Society and the European Government for breaches in data loss.

Major Jonathan Shaw at The Grand, Brighton fo the Marsh conference

Marsh involved a number of high profile speakers to push over this meassage, including Major General Jonathan Shaw, CBE who is recognised as the Government Tsar on Cyber Crime and is an ex member of COBRA Emergency Committee. His main emphasis was to look at strong leadership in implementing the changes necessary and aligning a company’s strategy direct from the top. ‘Get the CEO on board and the whole complany will follow and achieve’ was his mantra.

Companies face many forms of attack from the Cyber criminal including Social Engineering, Hard wire network and electrnic attack. Bonwyke’s own Ultima Signal Defence film is designed to prevent accidental or malicious attacks from RF and wireless enabled devices. “It’s a solution to data loss via WiFi, Bluetooth and IR Laser Microphone attacks in the general office environment, that is an area being too easily overlooked at present” reports Chris George, Bonwyke’s Managing Director. “With the Ultima system optical clarity and light levels are maintained but the signalling is barriered thus preventing the loss of vital personal and financial data. Martin Folan and his team at Marsh deserve great praise for bringing this area to the attention of business leaders” he continued.

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