Evolving New Skills

Automotive film training…

This really has become one of the most fulfilling parts to our business, over the past year. Bonwyke have recognised, over a number of years, that a high skill base within the industry can only bring rewards to everyone alike.

The end user gets a better installed product, the manufacture and distributor enhance their name with less claims on their material and the installer/dealer has a quicker turn around time for installation, meaning better margins on their work. The whole process matches our aspirations to have a high degree of professionalism brought to the industry.


One of the deciding factors for us, when committing ourselves to the Llumar brand, was Solutia’s ethos for a better awareness for the technical value to their products. Modern films are a marvel of manufacturing technology and need to be recognised as a high value comodity.

Our last course, held here at our training acadamy, saw Matty Cox induct 5 new members onto the Llumar Accreditation scheme, all of whom take away new working practices and a better in depth knowledge for the product and its capablities. Their respect for the material and its value is much higher and gives them more confidence to sell and install.

Bonwyke have recognised this essential need for training, in all aspects of window film and its associated fields. We are now offering courses for Architectural installation and also decorative wall coverings, on the graphics and manifestion side. Click on the Training tab of the main Bonwyke site to get the most out of your potential……


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