Technical Helpdesk Arrives!!


To assist all of our dealers and customers we, here at Bonwyke and Hanita UK, have set up a technical help desk to make sure these needs are met.

Part of the Hanita’s unique offering in the window film industry is the high level of R&D work associated with their offerings. This is very much part of the DNA for the company and has become an integral part of their development process.

This level of R&D has resulted in the construction of many excellent external grade films, such as the unique XTRM series, and has put Hanita as a World leader in the development of external grade products. Hanita’s dedicated work on energy reduction, utilising window film to reduce Air Conditioning usage and costs, involves complicated software calculations to show Return on Investments and suitability for glass compatibility.

The window film industry has advanced its products to be more in line with modern building regulations and practices and that means a much more technical approach needs to be taken with clients and Architects.

If you have any technical questions or calculations you need resolved then just email your particular question to and we will answer it for you.


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