Ultima Clear Bar

2012-07-10-14.40.54Clearly the best security…

A recent manufacturing project has been the making of Ultima Clear Bar frames for one of our accredited installer companies, Lustalux Ltd of Preston.

The project involved the construction of nine frames, all  finished in white powder coating. Ultima Clear Bar is a bespoke sytem designed to give maximum protection against intruder entry, using a physical barrier. The more traditional method used is with steel bars or security gates but our system uses a unique way of fixing clear Polycarbonate ‘bars’ into an Aluminium frame, to offer protection yet look invisible at first glance.

The system can be used to prevent items or persons from falling through galzed apertures, acting as a Juliet balcony balustrade. The system is fully bespoke and can be used in conjuction with Ultima No Bar, which is designed as a glass to frame retention system, when Anti Shatter Film is installed.

Show cased at London’s Olympia Counter Terror Exhibition the system has proved to be very popular. It’s unique selling point is that it offers a permanent physical security barrier but looks unobtrusive and less obvious than other systems. This is a great positive in situations where aesthetics play a part, such as in high value domestic properties, high street shops or areas where a low key security presence is required.

These particular frames are due to be installed into a local PCT centre’s maternity unit. The threat of entry and theft through open windows is deemed to be a high one but a calming atmosphere is required and ‘camouflaged’ security is required.

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