BirdShade Anti-Collision Film

BirdShade Anti-Collision Film

Client: House Owner

Location: Oxted, Surrey

Products: BirdShade Anti-Collision Film

We had great pleasure in installing BirdShade anti-collision film to 4no. large panoramic glazed doors, that made up a new extension to the property. Our client had recently had the doors imported from Austria and installed, finishing off a new extension to the rear of the house and garden. The building has been sympathetically designed and built to strict planning legislation and is situated close to large trees and hedging, that has provided very good cover for small birds.

Over a few months the owners noticed that the strike rate of birds colliding with the new panes had risen as the Spring moved towards the Summer months and were determined to find a resolution to the issue, that both helped the wildlife but also worked with the overall design of the building. What better way to do that than to have a completely clear coating (to the human eye) added to the outer surface of the glazing, that acted as a vertical ‘bar’ design to birds. The BirdShade film is manufactured with vertical UV reflective strips, which birds can see as blocks in the UV spectrum. This effect means that the birds see the glass pane as an obstacle not a clear passage and thus avoid the window.

The whole process from initial contact through to final installation was made very easy (shout out to our install expert, Ben, for his assistance). After Lynn’s initial contact with us (Thank you for your prompt reply – it doesn’t happen often nowadays!) we sent out a film sample and received back a couple of site photos and the glass dimensions. This allowed us to quickly turn-around a price and then book in the installation around the British weather! Half a day on site and the job was done.  Lynn’s enthusiasm and care for the wild life about her is abundantly clear and she will be monitoring any collisions for us and feeding that information back to our database, to help the manufacturers continually update the characteristics of the film.

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