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BirdShade Film

Client: WWT

Location: Slimbridge, Gloucester

Products: BirdShade anti-collision film

What an honour it was to visit with the Living Collections team and their manager, Simon Matthews, over at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre in Slimbridge. The centre have long been interested in finding a way to reduce bird collisions with glazing, not only around their wetlands sites but also with partnering zoos and facilities they connect with on a European scale. Simon’s team have installed a brand new exhibit area to show off species that are successfully returning from the brink of extinction and the new enclosure for the Bearded Reedlings has a prime spot from the viewing platform. However, the team were keen to find solutions to stop the birds from accidentally flying into the segregation glass in the enclosure, to reduce the risk of both bird injury and fatality.

BirdShades unique clear UV reflecting film fits perfectly with this need; it being completely clear to the human eye but seen as ‘bars’ in the UV spectrum by bird life. Installed in the vertical orientation the birds see ‘vertical’ lines, where we see clear glass and thus avoid flying into the pane.

“It’s amazing technology yet so simple to install and for us a no brainer to trial. It will be fascinating to see how the Reedlings react (if any) to having the film applied. We are running field tests to quantify the reductions in bird strikes and will be sharing the information with our friends at European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA)”

Bonwyke were supported on the day by Artecology, an Isle of Wight based Sustainability Consulting company, who are working on similar ideas to assist the Government of Gibraltar, in their quest to reduce harm to migrating birds, whilst increasing their own vertical real estate. ”It’s huge issue for many institutions and real estate companies, all of whom are trying to improve their Environment Social Governance (ESG) and reduce the tragic effects of glass buildings and bird collision” said Nigel George, Director at Artecology.

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