Cover Styl’ Architectural Vinyl | Strategic Systems

“Seeing this product installed is amazing, so realistic as a wood grain pattern. So many advantages over replacing the doors that we couldn’t find a reason to replace”

Simon Clarke, Commercial Manager, Strategic Systems.

Cover Styl' Architectural Vinyl

Client: Strategic Systems

Location: Hedge End

Products: Cover Styl' Architectural Vinyl

The refurbishment of commercial property has become a major growth area for the Office Fit Out sector, over the past couple of years. One factor causing many issues is the supply chain for replacement goods and Fire Doors have become a focal point for that issue. Cover Styl’ Architectural warp vinyl is an excellent way around the issue, providing a quick and very cost effective alternative to replacing the doors.

Being certified to B1-s2-d0 and M1 fire standards, the wrap can be applied directly to the existing doors with ease. Usually, the doors need to be removed for easy access to all the surfaces, then filled, prepared and primed ready for the wrap application. Professionally installed the process is quick and mess free, allowing for a fast and effective turnaround on site. With over 200 products ranges in stock, ready for a next day delivery, the lead times for work completion are dramatically reduced over that of replacing the doors for new.

Normal pricing is around a third of the costs against that of having to fit a new door and there is no requirement to send the old doors to landfill, reducing waste costs and helping to give a more sustainable approach to the project and contribute to the end clients’ requirements for Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).

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