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Cover Styl

Project Description

Client: Krypton Healthcare

Location: Bath

Products: Cover Styl

We recently managed a project to install Cover Styl’ renovation vinyl to a reception desk area at a private healthcare provider’s hospital, as part of a larger refurbishment project.

The main reception desk had been in situ for over 10 years and was due for renewal but the healthcare group wanted to keep as much of the project as possible in line with their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Policy as possible, so looked at the idea around renovation rather than replacement.

By installing the fire rated J3 matt version of Cover Styl’, they could have the white finish they desired without the costs and environmental damage of demolition and waste disposal or the costs for building new.

As important to the project as the ESG compliance was the fact that the lead time for installing the vinyl was only 5 days, compared to the 10 week procurement time for a new desk.

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Cover Styl


Cover Styl

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