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Cover Styl' Wood Grain

Project Description

Client: Circle Healthcare


Products: Cover Styl' Wood Grain

Working alongside the fit out team Cover Styl’ renovation vinyl has been used to refurbish the ward’s doors and 16no. room doors, instead of replacing them. Pre-pandemic, hospital wards received new doors during a refurbishment but with disrupted global supply chains and issues around importing after Brexit, getting new doors means long lead times and expensive replacement costs.

Our Cover Styl’ wood grain was approved and met with the décor design brief. The doors were removed from the hinges and had all four surfaces prepared with filler and primer. Door furniture was all removed and the vinyl professionally applied. As the film is dry applied the door’s new door furniture could be applied straightaway and the door re hung.

This all meant that the fit out schedules weren’t compromised by any lead times and the hospital could resume operational use much sooner than originally intended, all at a cheaper price than replacing.

Cover Styl’ renovation vinyls showing the way forward for sustainability at the same time as protecting costs.

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