Frosted Film | Crowngate Shopping Centre

“We imagined Bonwyke Design would struggle with this tricky installation but again, you’ve proven me wrong and the work looks fantastic.”

Dave Gillingham – Interserve

Project Description

Client: Interserve

Location: Worcestor

Products: Cut Graphics, Digital Print

Interserve approached us with a project which involved installing graphics to the glass roof at Crowngate Shopping Centre. The challenge would not only be the difficulty of installing to the underside of the glass roof but to do so whilst causing as least disruption to shoppers as possible.

The design was a print to frosted film to allow plenty of light in and then the design was computer cut using alignment software. Other areas of the shopping centre utilised cut only graphics using the same material.

As the location was in constant use, to avoid causing any disruption to shoppers and businesses, we opted to carry out the work each evening for a week. Specialist access equipment was used to enable successful completion of this bespoke job.

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