Cut Graphics Luton | General Motors

“The final result was a journey through the building that told a story”

Project Description

Client: General Motors

Location: Luton

Products: ProLam, Cut Graphics, Digital Print

Bonwyke Design were approached by General Motors to see what we could offer them for their new offices at Vauxhall’s HQ in Luton. Our design studio came up with solutions to:

  • Mark their glass to comply with DDA regulations
  • Come up with designs for the entire perimeter glass
  • Cover large areas of walls
  • Meeting room privacy
  • Stretched Fabric Canvas
  • Writable walls

Working closely and direct with the client, we proposed a plan to visually integrate the company dictum in to high impact designs around the buildings. The cultural diversity of the building occupants played a large part in what would be created.

Throughout the site, each location had ideas which could relate to the people working in the vicinity. The glass offices in particular dictated what General Motors were about which is the automotive industry. Combined with the mountainous scene applied to the perimeter glass, we wanted to show how the journey from the inner office (grid-like and urban) would develop to opening out around the outer office (open and rural).

The final result was a journey through the building that told a story. It served a purpose for more than decorative or regulations intent.

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