Nickle Sulphide Inclusion | CEMAST Technology College

It’s a very worrying problem for us and our focus is to protect our staff and students at all times. The installation of the film was quick, clean and issue free for us as an operational centre and it’s been so amazing to see how effective it has been when the last pane broke. It takes the worry and risk out of the situation.”

John Field, CEMAST

Project Description

Client: CEMAST Technology College

Location: Lee on the Solent

Products: Nickle Sulphide Inclusion

Nickle Sulphide Inclusion (NSI) has become a greater issue over the past few years and occurs in Toughened glass panels. Atoms of Nickle Sulphide in the glass can expand spontaneously, which cause expansion in the glass pane. Due to the altered structure of the glass from the Toughening process to expansion creates an instant break failure in the glass, shattering it into many pieces.

This phenomena occurred at CEAMST Technology College, Lee on the Solent in Hampshire and the college called in structural consultants to understand the issue further. Crossley Consulting Ltd’s recommendation was to encapsulate the high level Toughened panes with a 200micron clear security film with an edge retention bead. This method would hold any glass fragments under breakage within the frame and protect any staff or students working below, allowing time for glaziers to be called in and safely replace the panel.

Bonwyke’s AV8mil clear film was recommended and installed, along with Dow Corning 995 structural silicone, as the retention bead. Just 3 months after installation of the film another pane shattered at high level, due to NSI but crucially this time all the glass was held in position by the film and didn’t cascade to the floor below.

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