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proLAM Wall Art

Project Description

Client: Future Oceans Foundation

Location: Fareham

Products: proLAM

Bonwyke have recently had the privilege of working with the team at Future Oceans Foundation, a Not for Profit organisation set up to deliver a working platform for Environment and Social Governance (ESG), assisting large and small companies to connect more with sustainability and the environment. Based in Fareham they have evolved out of The Coral Centre, a company dedicated to finding new solutions to renovate coral reefs around the World. Together they provide a single point of reference for projects and guidance, that’s gradually changing the thought processes of the workforce towards a better and more sustainable world.

Having taken on new office and workspace, the Foundation wanted to connect the staff with imagery that they are seeing from their global projects and using the wall space to do that was an obvious choice. Once the design team at Bonwyke received the imagery, they swiftly got to work in sizing the artwork, printing and installing proLAM wall art material. This is a quick and easy way to enlighten office areas, making the working environment a more pleasant place to be.

We’ve been so impressed with what they are achieving we have joined forces with them and now assist with their Reef for Schools project. The Foundation are starting to deliver coral reef tank aquarium into Primary School environments, as a teaching aid across the whole curriculum. Through corporate sponsorship they are connecting companies with local schools, where staff members have their children. As parents we all want to be more involved with our children’s education and having a company that allows their staff to fully engage with this process means a happier and more fulfilled workforce. The pupils benefit from have a stunning, highly visual and stimulating teaching aid, to engage their thoughts for the environment and companies benefit from having a more fulfilled workforce. ESG in a nutshell!!!

Check out the Foundation’s great work and see if they can assist you in achieving your corporate ESG goals.

proLAM Wall Art

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