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RF Foil

Client: Global Digital Broadcaster

Location: Greater London

Products: RF Foil

We’ve recently completed on a project to supply a leading digital broadcaster with a near ‘Faraday Cage’ effect in commercially sensitive areas within their corporate site. Following a detailed security assessment it was deemed a security risk to have certain areas of the operation exposed to information leakage, via Radio Frequency (RF) attack.

Our specialist team carried out a feasibility study and assessed the rooms in question and recommended RF shielding to all areas. This meant cladding the base wall, ceiling and floor structures with rFoil 1800, an 85dB attenuating foil, along with Aaronia X-Dream RF mesh for the doors and SD2500 RF attenuating film for the door vision panels.

The results were dramatic and effective. The criteria was to meet with a total attenuation level of 40dB for the room and we achieved a total 45dB, nearly 4 x the level of protection requested. (The dB scale is logarithmic and the protection level doubles for every 3dB of attenuation achieved). Once everything was in place and tested with our installation we were then able to hand over the room to the interior fit out company, who could then overlay the walls with plasterboard, the ceilings with tiles and the flooring as a raised floor with carpet tiles. The door was over-painted to match the wall paints.

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