Wall Coverings | United Health Group

“Brilliant job guys. Bonwyke Design has delivered the goods once again”

Mark Philips – Tetris Bluu

Project Description

Client: Tetris Bluu

Location: Paddington

Products: ProLam

Bonwyke Design were asked to apply temporary wallcovering across the entire office space for United Health Group. Tetris Bluu, whom we work closely with, approached us to complete works at the building in London as a one off project.

Over the course of four weeks, the floor space would be host to conferences and meetings within purpose built acoustic partitioning and existing walls. The wallcoverings would then need to be removed cleanly to allow the office to revert back to normality.

We had to be careful with the product we were using as it needed to serve two purposes. Firstly, it would have to withstand the steady flow of people brushing against it and secondly, it would need to be removed without causing any damage. We opted for a removable version of our ProLam as it would meet the requirements.

The job itself was over 450 square metres of digital print and was installed by our team of highly skilled installers.

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