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06 Sep

Potential Take Over of Hanita Coatings Inc

Hanita UK logo

As a valued customer, we’d like to update you on a recent potential strategic change in Hanita’s ownership. We have been distributing Hanita’s window film for over 15 years and very much enjoyed the process of working with them. Hanita has been approached by a strategic buyer, which has reached an agreement about the general terms of acquiring Hanita with the current owners, though the deal is not final as of yet. As you might know any acquisition is a long process and there is currently a due diligence process being carried out, by the potential buyer and nothing will be finalized until the end of the year.

The potential buyer is a US based $6 Billion company and has made a strategic decision to enter new business areas like window film and are committed to build on the existing corner stone of the current Hanita Coatings’ channels to further grow and develop their own business. This company has a very solid financial standing and their intent is to add resources into existing channels in order to increase the market support and execution.

In discussions with the potential buyer, they have made it clear to Hanita, that they recognize the uniqueness Hanita hold in the market and wish to continue supporting the innovative trend.

We see this potential move as a positive strategic one, that will only bring new opportunities for us and you, our valued dealer. All film processes are to remain in place and the supply of Hanita’s product will not be interrupted, so be assured that all products remain available from us.