Blast Proof Windows for Your Business Security

The security of your business is vitally important to your long-term stability and potential to grow. One of the areas that a potential break in can take place pretty easily is through your windows. Blast proof window film from Bonwyke is the perfect addition to your business premises. It acts as a deterrent and protects your employees from injury in the event of glass being smashed.

Protect Against Burglary – One way in which blast proof window film works is that it binds shattered glass together. Should an intruder attempt to smash a pane of glass and enter your building they will be faced with a situation where the glass won’t buckle under pressure. This is a massive deterrent to burglars.

Keep Employees Safe – If a window has been struck with force, either deliberately or accidentally, the shattering glass can cause real damage and injury to your employees. Blast proof window film transforms the pane of glass into shatterproof glass, so the staff members closest to the window won’t suffer from shards of glass.

Accidents Happen – Sometimes a trip in the workplace can lead to an horrific injury involving a pane of glass. Blast proof window film ensures that the surface remains intact, and although it will hurt the person involved, it won’t lead to them falling right through and suffering potential life threatening injuries. Add to that if your premises face street level, an accidental collision involving a vehicle, although unlikely, if it happened could be devastating.

To find out more about the blast proof window film we can install at your business premises, contact the Bonwyke team today. We understand how to help your business having worked with a variety of companies in myriad industries over the years. Blast proof window film has developed considerably over the years and could be what your business requires for that added layer of security and protection.

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