The Deterrent of Security Window Film

One of the biggest concerns for any business owner is that of security and protecting your assets from attempted burglary and theft. At your work premises there will be expensive equipment present, as well as furnishings, alongside products that you sell, promotional materials and countless important documents relating to financial aspects of the business, employee files and other documents that may contain personal information.

Our range of security window film is the perfect addition to your business security plans, for a number of reasons.

Block the View from Outside

One of the benefits to security window film is that from the outside it helps to block the view. So if you have staff members on the inside working on important and confidential documents, or there is a wide variety of equipment and machinery in the room, no one from the outside can see for sure what valuables are present.

Shatterproof Qualities

If an attempt is made to break the window, our security window film has been designed and applied to the surface in a way that ensures it is very difficult to break through. Instead of the glass shattering in all directions, potentially harming those inside, the film binds the glass together.

A Deterrent to Burglars

Both of the above act as a natural deterrent to any potential burglars. All theft is performed under the assumption that it can be carried out quickly and efficiently. By blocking the view so burglars aren’t quite sure what’s inside, and shatterproof glass lengthening the time it takes to get inside, both act as a deterrent.

You can’t put a price on the peace of mind associated with the security of a business premises. Bonwyke has the team in place to assist with the application of security window film. It can go a long way to providing an added layer of security as a deterrent, and through its shatterproof qualities.

For more information about our deterrent security window film products, give our customer service team a call on 01329 222299

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