Pineapple and your WiFi

Pineapple WiFi

As part of our investigations into the security market & specifically around anti-snooping, as this is what our Signal Defence product range is aimed at addressing, we have come across an interesting device readily available to buy that in the wrong hands is capable of ‘spoofing’ your WiFi enabled device into thinking its connected to a safe network.

How does it work..? Simple. If your device is WiFi enabled its constantly sending a ‘probe signal’ out looking to connect to one of the networks you deem as safe. Pineapple has the capability to trick your device into thinking its connecting to one of your safe connections exposing you to having sensitive information accessed and you don’t even realise it.

The message is switch you’re WiFi off if you are out and about, you’re device will be much more secure and far less vulnerable to hacking.



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