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04 Dec

Signal Defence Seminar

Bonwyke continue to succeed with new products….

Last week saw the inaugral launch seminar for Astic Signal Defenses Inc and their electronic eavesdropping film. Partnering with Bonwyke in the UK Astic’s CEO, Ron Waranowski, delivered a keynote presentation at the London Marriott, Grosvenor Square, London. Hosted by the American Embassy and US trade delegations the seminar was attended by over 60 invited guests from corporate and military backgrounds all with information security concerns.

Above shows, from right to left, Ron Waranoski CEO of Astic, Chris George MD Bonwyke Ltd, Dick Schaefer Ex Director NSA and Nik Sandars Sales Director Bonwyke Ltd in front of the live picture wall at the hotel, with the American Embassy in the background.

Ron Waranowski mid ‘demo’

The seminar outlined how easy it is to ‘listen’ into electronic information freely given out through Wi-Fi, IR, Bluetooth and RF signalling. He also demonstrated that the path of least resistence is through glazing systems. Astics have produced clear film solutions with worldwide patents that can produce a Secure Working Environment (SWE) ensuring that information can stay safely in one contained area.

The seminar was prefaced by Dick Schaefer, Director of National Security Agency (Ret) who outlined the real and present dangers for Cyber attack. Ron continued with a 90 minute presentation outlining just how vunerable all organisations are now to electronic information being leaked. With so many mobile devices now being used at all levels of the corporate ladder the risks associated with using these devices has grown exponentially.

This is an ever increasing problem for security of information but solutions are here and available. Call us now for more information. 01329 289621.