Invisible bird protection window film

Invisible bird protection window film

Glass is a must-have in the modern building industry but birds can’t see glass.

Bird window collisions are the second largest human-induced threat to birds worldwide. Effective solutions such as visible markings have to be applied to the entire window, which significantly affect the view and the architectural design.

BirdShades® bird protection window film empowers you to keep the aesthetic value of glass surfaces of your building without having a detrimental impact on biodiversity.  BirdShades® technology is based on a bird-specific ability: most birds see UV light. For humans this part of the light spectrum is not visible.

  • Transparent – almost invisible to the human eye
  • Highly effective – significantly reduces bird window collisions
  • Backed by science – developed and meticulously tested by a team of dedicated biologists and material scientists. BirdShades® bird protection window film has been recognised as an effective solution to mitigate bird-window collisions and is backed by science (Swaddle et al 2020, Zysk-Gorczynska et al 2022, Swaddle et al 2023)

The window film is applied on the exterior side of the glass, via wet application.

See how this looks in the UV spectrum

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2023 BirdShades Whitepaper

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BirdShade Data Sheet

Scientific Publications

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Zyśk Gorczyńska et al Field Study

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Swaddle et al 2023 Flighttunnel vs visible

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Swaddle et al 2020 Flighttunnel

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